At Niagara Regional Council – They Just Keep on Keepin’ On with the Piling On

A Brief One from Doug Draper with more to come later

Posted June 9th, 2017 on Niagara At Large

Andy Petrowski’s seat in the Niagara regional council chambers may have been empy this June 8th, but in many ways that are not pleasant or productive to deal with, the St. Catharines regional councillor was still very much there.

Andy Petrowski. File photo

Somewhere in the range of 20 or 40 minutes of time that should be used focusing on the real chances Niagara faces was taken up once again at the June 8th meeting with Petrowski’s shocking and unacceptable conduct and what to do with it.

Petrowski, as many Niagara resident who still follow the news by now no doubt know, decided or agreed late this May (we aren’t sure which because no one is saying) to take a leave of absence from his councillor duties after a communication device he was responsible for was used by someone (Petrowski claims it wasn’t it) to send a photo of a nude woman to more than 100 people.

Earlier this spring, Niagara Region’s integrity commissioner, John Mascarin, came out with reports finding Petrowski in violation of the Region’s code of conduct rules for other behaviour that many found repulsive.

So precious time at the June 8th council meeting was taken up deciding what penalties should be approved in the wake of the Mascarin rulings before it was finally agreed that Petrowski – or what I have come to think of in clinical terms as the identified patient in a dysfunctional family – should be removed any and all regional committees, subcommittees, boards, agencies and other bodies he sits on until he has taken some sensitivity training.

During the course of the what-to-do-withPetrowski’ discussion, one councilor said something I whole heartedly agree with – ‘There are municipal elections next year to take care of things like this.’

I couldn’t agree more. Bring them on!

Another hour or more at the June 8th meeting was taken up dealing with what I at least agree was a very ill-conceived motion put forward by one or more NDP members at an Ontario NDP Niagara Centre Riding Centre meeting a while back to support a controversial boycott Israel movement.

Representatives of the Jewish community in Niagara, Ontario and across the country spoke passionately and thoughtfully at the regional council meeting about why this boycott movement is nothing short of racism, and the regional council finally passed a motion making it known that Niagara Region condemns the boycott movement and any group, including the Ontario NDP Niagara Centre Riding Association, that supports it.

I will have more commentary on all of this in the days ahead, after I obtain more information to make points that may be of some value to the public discourse.

Stay Tuned!

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 “A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders


2 responses to “At Niagara Regional Council – They Just Keep on Keepin’ On with the Piling On

  1. I guess it’s only fair that the Jewish Community is consulted when making a decision that affects us all in the Region.
    The Regional Councillors obviously did not take time to read Gwynne Dyer’s excellent editorial in the Niagara Falls Review on the continuing conflict of the 6 day war that is now in it’s 50th year. If they had they might understand why some of us have ill feelings about the continued disgusting actions of the Israelis against the Palestinian people.
    If anyone would like to read the article, I have scanned it for future reference. It may be one man’s opinion, but my guess is that he is not the only one with this opinion.
    Regional Council does not have the right to try to enforce their political beliefs upon members of our communities.


  2. They seem to protect their own even if the individual in question is a loose cannon who care not who he hurts or defames..When you inferred “CLOWNS” you certainly hit the nail dead on. The remarks made by this individual against the mayor of Pelham, MPP Cindy Forster and other concerned Citizens is nothing short of a biggot and is indicative of a very sick mind


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