Ontario’s Premier Allowing Privatization Of Health Care Through Rise Of For-Profit Clinics And Services

A Comment from Ontario’s New Democratic Party

Posted March 23rd, 2017 on Niagara At Large

Queen’s Park, TorontoFrance Gélinas, NDP health critic, continued this past Wednesday, 2017 to press Premier Kathleen Wynne about her choice to allow the growth of private for-profit health clinics and services, while she continues deep cuts to public health care in the province.

 “People shouldn’t have to pay up, or wait longer for the health care they need. But that’s exactly what’s happening under this premier,” Gélinas said.  “Companies are charging people to jump to the front of the line.  They’re doing it unchecked, on the premier’s watch.”

Wynne is allowing people to be charged – and allowing wait times for everyone else to get longer – as private, for-profit health companies are flourishing following Wynne’s deep cuts to Ontario’s public health care system. 

 “For-profit companies like Maple are charging people for services like diagnosis and writing prescriptions,” Gélinas said.  “Does the premier believe it’s ok for companies to charge Ontarians for seeing a doctor or getting a prescription?

 “If your child is sick, you should not have to reach for your credit card to buy answers.”

Gélinas said that companies are charging people to see a doctor and to get a diagnosis, asking them to rack up credit card bills. Maple says it charges fees for services like doctor’s visits and getting a prescription written because those services are “not covered by OHIP.”

 “Under the Wynne government, parents of a sick child are basically given the choice between paying up, or waiting longer.  And they have to watch while those who pay up, leapfrog ahead of them onto the surgery list,” Gélinas said.

 “So when did the Premier decide that people have to choose between paying up – or waiting longer – to get their family the care they need?”

 To Listen and/or watch an exchange this March 22nd with the Premier and her government over this issue, click on the following –

Audio:  https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19807208/Q3_Gelinas_03-22-17.mp3

Video:  https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19807208/Q3_Gelinas_03-22-17.mp4

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2 responses to “Ontario’s Premier Allowing Privatization Of Health Care Through Rise Of For-Profit Clinics And Services

  1. PRIVATIZATION and CORRUPTION …WHY? one might ask seeing as how these LIBERAL and CONSERVATIVE PARTIES have been Elected by the very people they are devastating….WHAT IS IN IT FOR THEM?
    IS THERE KICK BACKS, PRIVATE CORPORATE BEHIND CLOSED DOORS DEALS, JOBS in the PRIVATE SECTOR OR WHATEVER PRAY TELL??? I ask this because if there is no Remuneration what the hell is there when they seem to be cutting the throats of Neighbors, Friends and sometimes Family?


  2. Privatization of health care will do nothing to improve it. It will only divert money from it and make the system even more accessible to the richer among us.
    I rarely recommend books. I am an author of several and, of course promote them. This is an exception. I cannot recommend highly enough “Better Now” by Dr. Danielle Martin. Well acquainted with our health system and how it can work, the good doctor suggests, and explains well, six “big ideas” to improve health care for all Canadians, not just the richer. Her ideas are well worth consideration. Privatization is not one of them. Her reasons are well thought out. If anyone with experience in the health care morass has better ideas we are not hearing about them.
    This is truly a must read for anyone who cares about the future of universal health care for everyone in Canada. Mr. Trump might do well to read it, too.


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