Niagara MPP Warns Of Unsolicited Door-To-Door Sales Reps In Region

News from the Constituency Office of Welland Riding MPP Cindy Forster

Posted January 26th, 2017 on Niagara At Large

water-tapiNiagara, Ontario – This office has received calls regarding door to door sales reps for a water treatment company now in the Welland area. One 89 year old resident has ended up with equipment she never wanted and its now being removed at no cost after this office called the company in question.

Know your rights when you sign a contract at your door. Learn about avoiding common door-to-door scams for water treatment systems, gas and electricity marketers and water softeners.

This office receives numerous complaints regarding the conduct of various door-to-door sales people throughout the year. We encourage you to call our office for any assistance required.

While many legitimate businesses seek customers through door-to-door sales, there are some sales people that employ high pressure pitches and some that will mislead potential customers. This office reminds people that before entering into any contract or making any purchase, take the time to verify all claims and not to be pressured into making a quick decision.

Homeowners are under no obligation to allow a door-to-door salesperson into their residence.  Do not share personal information unless you are sure you want to sign a contract.

The Ontario Consumer Protection Act provides consumers a number of rights when making purchases and including a 10 day cooling off period and now a 20 day cooling off period for specifically water heater door to door sales.

Please call our office regarding any door to door sales issues you have. The number is 905-732-6884.

Cindy Forster, MPP

(A Brief Afterword from NAL publisher Doug Draper – Also beware of receiving phone calls from individuals claiming they represent a company interested in the quality of water flowing from your taps at home. I’ve had two or three calls personally from individuals asking me to answer a brief survey, then offering to reward me with a “gift” or “prize” if I invite one of their “area representatives” over to test my tap water and advise one what steps I can take if they discover a water quality problem.

I did numerous stories on people attempting to sell homeowners expensive water treatment systems during my years as an environment reporter at a Niagara area newspaper.

Keep in mind that unless you are living downstream from a toxic waste site or an industrial effluent pipe that is out of control, chances are that your water meets all World Health Organization guidelines. If you insist on finding out, it is possible to review the test data for regional water treatment plants serving your community.)

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