Join Us In Standing Up For A Healthy Lake Erie

A Call-Out from the Alliance for the Great Lakes, a citizens’ watchdog group for our shared waterbodies

Posted November 22nd, 2016 on Niagara At Large

Lake Erie algal blooms, August 2011

Lake Erie algal blooms, August 2011

Every year, communities and businesses around Lake Erie worry about toxic algal blooms. They wonder if the algae will:

  • Make their drinking water unsafe, like it did in 2014
  • Put the 117,000 jobs connected to Lake Erie at risk
  • Stop people from enjoying boating, swimming, and visiting Lake Erie shorelines

Join the tens of thousands of people who care about the health of Lake Erie, the source of drinking water for nearly 11 million people.

Less than two years ago, officials from Ohio, Michigan and Ontario pledged to reduce the runoff pollution flowing into Lake Erie by 40%. It was a historic moment and a goal that would significantly improve the lake’s health. But meeting that goal will not be easy.

You can help by clicking on. Pledge to support a healthy Lake Erie agenda.

Thank you for supporting Lake Erie!

Crystal M. C. Davis Policy Director Cleveland, Ohio

About the Alliance for the Great Lakes – The Alliance for the Great Lakes works to protect the Great Lakes for today and tomorrow. We involve tens of thousands of people each year in advocacy, volunteering, education, and research to ensure the lakes are healthy and safe for all.

Our staff are headquartered in Chicago, with field offices in Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit, Grand Haven (Mich.), and Milwaukee. Our Board of Directors represent a wide range of interests and expertise from around the Great Lakes region.

For more on the Alliance and its Great Lakes protection efforts, click on .

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