Ontario Liberals Continue to Trade Full-Time for Part-Time Jobs

More part-time jobs while Ontario continues to shed both private sector and full-time jobs.

A Shot at Ontario’s Liberal Government from the Opposition Conservatives

Posted November 4rth, 2016 on Niagara At Large

Queen’s Park, Ontario –This Friday, November 4rth, Statistics Canada released Ontario’s October job numbers showing that Ontario lost 7,200 full-time jobs, while shedding 5,000 important private-sector jobs.

Welcome to Ontario, Canada - the land of low-income, part-time McJobs.

Welcome to Ontario, Canada – the land of low-income, part-time McJobs.

“Last month (October), Ontario lost thousands of good paying jobs. The private sector was hit especially hard. Unfortunately, this doesn’t come as a surprise given the climate that the Wynne-government has created for businesses and job creators,” said Ontario PC Economic Development Critic Monte McNaughton.

“Trading important full-time jobs, for more transient part-time work is no way to grow our economy,” said McNaughton. “I continue to press the government to focus on the key fundamentals such as getting hydro rates under control and reducing the 380,000 different rules and regulations that are choking our economy and costing us good jobs.”

While expressing sympathy to the 160 workers who are soon to be out of work, McNaughton pointed to Cambridge Towel, one of Cambridge’s most significant manufacturing employers. Founded in 1979, Cambridge Towel designs, manufactures and distributes products for the hotel and hospitality industry. Just over six weeks ago, the Wynne Liberals used Cambridge Towel as a backdrop for an announcement on ‘Reducing Energy Costs’. Yesterday it was reported that Cambridge Towel will close.

“Ontario has a growing tax burden, sky-high hydro rates, incoming cap and trade costs, not to mention widespread uncertainty about what this government is going to dream up next to continue to hinder job growth,” summarized McNaughton. “It’s upsetting to see Cambridge Towel close but this is just one more sign that life is harder under the Wynne-Liberals.”

McNaughton also highlighted yesterday’s scathing report from the Financial Accountability Officer as a cause for concern.

“The Financial Accountability Officer raised significant red flags regarding Ontario’s faltering finances and growing debt which is set to climb to a record $370 billion by 2020-21,” said McNaughton. “Today’s job numbers simply confirm what we already knew, the Wynne-government’s high-tax, high-hydro, high-debt environment is costing us full-time and private sector jobs and is utterly disastrous for small and medium businesses.”

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