Battle Against Waste Incinerators & For ‘Zero Waste Measures’ Continues In Niagara

By Liz Benneian, Founder, Ontario Zero Waste Coalition, Member, No Burn Niagara and Resident of Vineland

Posted on September 29th,2016 on Niagara At Large

Niagara, Ontario – Residents in Port Robinson and Allanburg nearly had a new neighbour — a toxic emission belching incinerator, fed by as many as 60 trucks a day, bringing garbage from who knows where, containing who knows what, to a site on Allanport Road.

Liz Benneian speaks for No Burn Niagara, File photo by Doug Draper

Liz Benneian speaks for No Burn Niagara, File photo by Doug Draper

That doesn’t exactly sound like a good fit for this quiet corner of Niagara that is promoting its local food, winery and tourism industries and that is advertising itself as a great community for both retirees and young families.

The good news is that citizens formed No Burn Niagara and came together, with the help of Port Robinson Proud, to successfully to oppose it.

At a Thorold City Council meeting this past September 6th, Thorold’s Council voted unanimously to rescind their support for the proponent applying for a taxpayer-funded subsidy for any energy produced.

The bad news is Niagara Region has not rescinded its support for incineration so, while this particular proposal will not go ahead in the original location, another proposal in another part of Niagara could come forward.

Incineration is not the solution to the problem of waste generation. It doesn’t make garbage disappear, it simply turns it into ash that must be landfilled and emissions that create landfills in the

It is the most polluting and expensive way to deal with waste and the method that creates the least jobs. It is the least efficient way to produce energy, and besides, Ontario is already producing more energy than we need so why would we want taxpayers to subsidize more production?

There are a multitude of better policies, practices and legislation that can reduce waste and ensure our resources are reused, recycled and composted to create a circular economy that eliminates waste. In fact, Ontario has just adopted new waste legislation intended to do just that over the next

In the meantime, No Burn Niagara isn’t going anywhere. We intend to continue to work at the Regional level to get them to say no to incineration and yes to Zero Waste measures. And we will continue to provide information to residents throughout the Region about why this issue is important.

If you want to keep apprised of this issue follow No Burn Niagara on Facebook or ask to be added to our email list by contacting If you’d like someone from No Burn Niagara to speak to your community group, please call Liz at 905-562-3819.

Liz Benneian, Executive Director and Manager, Environmental Education, Ontario .

For more information on No Burn Niagara and updates on any incinerator plans afoot in the Niagara region, click on – .

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