An NDP Government Would Create An Ontario Water Strategy – Ontario NDP Leader Horwath

A Message from the Ontario New Democratic Party

Posted September 29th, 2016 on Niagara At Large

This September 29th,  Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath held a roundtable discussion with residents in Guelph, Ontario to discuss the issue of water taking in Ontario and commit to creating a province-wide Water Strategy should the party form government in 2018.

The Horseshoe Falls at Niagara is one of the most spectacular staging areas for one of the world's largest basins of freshwater in the Great Lakes.

The Horseshoe Falls at Niagara is one of the most spectacular staging areas for one of the world’s largest basins of freshwater in the Great Lakes. File photo by Doug Draper

“Water is a public trust.  Under an NDP government, an Ontario Water Strategy will prioritize planning for water needs now and for future generations based on the public interest, and sustainable public access to water,” said Horwath following the roundtable.

An Ontario Water Strategy will be based on the principle that the public should have access to water for drinking, sanitation and food; ensuring that communities have the water needed for planned sustainable growth; the Strategy will create an inventory of water use and return across the Province and will prioritize sustainable long-term water use planning.

On Tuesday, September 27th,  Guelph City Council agreed to hear community input regarding bottled water permits in November.

“A particular focus of the NDP’s Water Strategy will be a transparent and public review of the Permit-to-take-Water process, to ensure that the needs of the public come first,” noted Horwath. “This has to be about good stewardship and sustainability. Simply increasing prices isn’t the answer.”

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One response to “An NDP Government Would Create An Ontario Water Strategy – Ontario NDP Leader Horwath

  1. Water is more than the new “oil”. It is life itself. Without water, we live but a few days. Ontario has possessed the world’s largest supply of fresh water. Yet, year by year, the levels in our great lakes and elsewhere are dropping. Just view the shorelines of the largest group of lakes on the planet and you will see. Yet we continue to let large companies drain our water supplies at the expense of local communities and ship that same water far away at great profit to those companies that would exploit this precious commodity.

    Access to clean water ought to be, but is clearly not yet, a human right. We owe it to future generations to preserve and protect this priceless treasure. I for one will be interested to see if any government in Canada, municipal, provincial, or federal, will protect and carefully regulate the use of our water. Or, will governments again cave to big donors who manage companies that care for nothing but the profits they will earn by grabbing our most precious natural resource and removing it beyond the reach of those who need it where it is in their own communities? The time is long past since we should have had a water policy. Maybe, just maybe, now is not too late to put one that serves all Canadians well in place. This is one policy that ought to serve every Canadian and not corporate Canada. Our children’s lives, and their children’s lives may well depend upon our doing so.

    Think not? Just look at the situation in California. For years, they have had a careless disregard to the need to preserve water and now are coming close to losing what they have. Some is already gone! We are not immune in Canada to such a dilemma despite the great reserves of water beneath our feet and all around us. It too can be lost!


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