Niagara’s Regional Council Approves 2017 Budget Guidance Of One Per Cent

News from Niagara, Ontario’s Regional Government
Posted July 4th, 2016 on Niagara At Large

Niagara Region, Ontario – At this (past June 30th) Regional Council meeting, Council directed staff to undertake 2017 budget preparations with tax levy guidance of a 1 per cent increase.

Niagara, Ontario's regional council will soon address controversial bid to "off-set" natural wetlands to make way for urban development

Niagara, Ontario’s regional council will soon address controversial bid to “off-set” natural wetlands to make way for urban development

For the average homeowner with a property valued at $240,500 a 1 per cent increase on the Regional portion of their property taxes would equal approximately $14 annually.

Regional staff will now spend the next several months developing budget options for council’s consideration and approval, as well as undertaking public engagement on budget options. These options will be presented to Council in the fall when the budget review committee resumes deliberations.

The approved budget guidance of 1 per cent also applies to the Region’s rate programs of Water and Waste Water and Waste Management.

Public and Business Engagement on the 2017 Budget

To ensure members of the public and business community have a chance to provide input and ideas for the 2017 budget, a robust online questionnaire has been developed. This feedback is an important part of the budgeting process, as it helps to ensure the ideas of residents and the business community are heard and considered as Council makes its final budget decision.

Starting Wednesday, July 6, residents and business owners can visit to complete a short questionnaire on council’s priorities and share their ideas for next year’s budget.

The results of this engagement will be presented back to Budget Review Committee at a meeting on Sept. 22, 2016.


“The budget guidance passed by Regional Council represents a responsible balance that will keep Regional property taxes as low as possible while ensuring Council can make critical investments in our community. The 2017 budget will provide the necessary resources to enable significant progress on our strategic priorities and drive economy prosperity throughout Niagara” ~ Alan Caslin, Regional Chair

“As Budget Chair, I look forwarding to seeing a 2017 budget that ensures taxpayer affordability stays at the forefront. Our budget process is collaborative, so I encourage all residents and business owners to be part of our budget engagement campaign by sharing their priorities through the online survey that will be forthcoming.” ~ David Barrick, Budget Review Committee Chair

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