Launch Of Niagara Ride Share Offers Affordable, Environmentally Friendly Alternative for Commuters

“Niagara Ride Share is a perfect alternative for those who are looking to get to and from employment, school or healthcare in an environmentally-friendly way.”

News from the Bridges Community Health Centre in Niagara, Ontario

March 16th, 2016 on Niagara At Large

Niagara, Ontario – Thanks to funding from the Niagara Prosperity Initiative, and the support of Bridges Community Health Centre and the Town of Fort Erie, an important part of the transportation solution for Niagara makes its’ official launch this third week of March, 2016.NiagaraRideShareNewTag

Niagara Ride Share, a free web-based ride matching service virtually connects people living in the same neighbourhood so they can share the ride to work, school or even regular meetings. It doesn’t exclude one off rides either.

“There’s no question that we need different modes of transportation services to solve Niagara’s transportation crisis,” says Taralea McLean, Executive Director at Bridges Community Health Centre. “We think Ride Share will make a significant difference in people’s lives and offset some of the costs or challenges of getting people where they need to be.”

“Fort Erie is dedicated to establishing a sustainable and effective transportation system within the Niagara Region,” said Tom Kuchyt, CAO, Town of Fort Erie. “A ride sharing program is a perfect complement and natural progression for our Town given its ongoing green initiatives such as the LED streetlight conversion.”

“Niagara Ride Share is a perfect alternative for those who are looking to get to and from employment, school or healthcare in an environmentally-friendly way,” said Kuchyt. “In addition, it’s a great way to meet new people within the community and beyond.”Care%20to%20rideshare

Falls Avenue Resort appreciates the value of Ride Share and how it can help their existing and prospective employees get to and from work. They were one of the first employers to come on board. And that list is quickly growing.

Eleni Tataridis, Director of Human Resources at Falls Avenue Resort, knows the challenges people can face getting to work. “We are pleased to promote Niagara Ride Share services to our employees. It’s an excellent opportunity for people to connect and share the ride to work.”

Niagara Ride Share is easy to use. It’s just a matter of entering your driving preferences and destinations. After that, the system matches you with other people who are close by and going to the same place at the same time.

When asked about any drawbacks with using Ride Share, McLean says there may be some concerns about “stranger danger.” However, of all the ride sharing that’s gone on, there are no reported incidents of foul play that we have heard of,” she says.

McLean encourages people to think about signing up for Ride Share as a way to give back to their community. “There are many people without a car who could benefit from a lift to an appointment, event or visiting a family member. They may live around the corner from you and their destination close to yours. Niagara Ride Share creates an opportunity to help your neighbours,” says McLean.

Anyone interested in using Niagara Ride Share can visit and sign-up under public registration. Employers, institutions and organizations can contact Rhonda Barron at or at 905-871-7621 ext. 2226 to have their organization added to the site.

To learn about the Bridges Community Health Centre visit its website at .

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