All The Proof You Need That Darwin’s Theory Of Evolution Is Bunk

“What we don’t have time for is all that petty, punk ass, little thuggery stuff that’s been goin’ on with these quote-unquote protesters who are doin’ nothin’ but wastin’ your time.” – American Tea Party darling and former Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

A Brief Commentary by Doug Draper

Posted March 15th, 2016 on Niagara At Large

I once took great issue with Evangelical Christians calling Darwin’s Theory of Evolution a bunch of unholy bunk that shouldn’t be taught to young people in our schools.

But maybe they’re right. When you look at what is happening with the Republicans these days in the U.S presidential race, I’m beginning to believe that a stronger case could be made for devolution, if not total fossilization.

How else do you go from George Washington and Thomas Jefferson to Abe Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, then onward and downward through Richard Nixon and George W. Bush, and finally to this recent spectacle of Tea Party goddess Sarah Palin stumping for billionaire, reality TV celebrity and Republic presidential frontrunner Donald Trump? All while being cheered on by tthrongs of what Trump is fond of calling the “under-educated.”

Click on the following and you will see what I mean –


Finally, here are the two Republican/Tea Party darlings featured on the front page of the January 20th, 2016 issue of the New York Daily News. Never mind God Bless America. God Help Us All!trump palin with stupid

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3 responses to “All The Proof You Need That Darwin’s Theory Of Evolution Is Bunk

  1. After going to the FDR library in the fall, it is more than disheartening to witness the downfall of the USA. The things he accomplished to pull the US out of the Great Depression and WW2 would now label him as a Commie and “pussy”.

    As an aside, noting the above article on the bottom of the Daily News, Palin is out of her mind. She blamed the beating inflicted on his girl friend by her son on PTSD caused by Obama sending him to Iraq (where he was a guard for the headquarters of a general….how dangerous, LOL). She failed to mention his choice was jail or the military for cutting the brake lines on a school bus and a previous assault on a girlfriend. Was that pre-PTSD? Amazing how they only tell half of the story, the half that makes them look good! As a morality advocate, she thinks her daughter’s repeat pregnancy is a gift from God. Anyone else would be a leech or a slut. The current Republican choices are frightening, Cruz equally so. He doesn’t believe in evolution, climate change or any of that “nonsense” and, as an Evangelical, he thinks the end of the world would be a good thing! ARGGGHHHHH!


  2. Linda
    Your article is evidenced by the genocide of morality in countries once beacons of Democracy. Whereas NOW they have sunk into the Slim pit of depravity fuel by Greed and false Entitlement. You article speaks of FDR and the men and women who worked alongside him (including the late Canadian born economist John Kenneth Galbraith) and brought America and the rest of the world including Canada back from a depression brought on by Corporate Greed and Capitalistic ideals.Thank You once again Linda I always appreciate your articles which brings to light your sense of morality and Social involvement.


  3. Thank you Joseph.

    As for females who should have been Presidents (unlike Palin), both Eleanor Roosevelt and Frances Perkins who helped shaped FDR’s policies (and did much beyond his policies of their own volition), would have been stellar Presidents but were relegated to tiny footnotes in history. Such was the fate of intelligent women in the past and even often today in much of the world. What a waste of the abilities of 50% of the human race.


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