Sign A Petition – RIGHT HERE – To Canada’s Federal Government To Make The Richest Among Us To Pay Their Fair Share Of Taxes

Urge Prime Minister Trudeau & His Cabinet To Close The Stephen Harper Loopholes That Cost Canada More Than $200 Billion A Year In Lost Revenue For Health Care, Infrastructure, Post Secondary Education And Other Necessary Services!

A Call-Out from Niagara At Large publisher Doug Draper

Posted March 13th, 2016 on Niagara At Large

An independent, cross-Canada advocacy organization called Leadnow has posted an online petition that Niagara At Large is reposting here for your dodge

The petition calls on the new Liberal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to plug the Harper era loopholes that allow Canada’s richest individuals and corporations to avoid paying taxes in this country, and Niagara At Large is joining Leadnow in urging all Canadians to sign it before the government tables its first budget this coming March 22nd.

Niagara At Large also urges you to send your own email message to the federal government and the Member of Parliament in your riding (whose name you can Google for countact information) and let them know that the richest among us should be made to pay their fair share into keeping Canada a great country for everyone who lives here.

Tell Prime Minister Trudeau and representatives of his government that this first budget and first year of their mandate to govern may be the best chance in a generation to plug the holes that allow more than $200 billion a year to fly off to tax havens in other parts of the world – billions that could be used to wipe out Canada’s deficit and pay for services and programs that ensure health and prosperity for Canadians for many decades to come.

Now here is the link to the Leadnow petition

For more information on Leadnow, visit the advocacy group’s website at

Demand that they pay their fair share to keep this great nation called Canada prosperous for everyone.

Demand that they pay their fair share to keep this great nation called Canada prosperous for everyone.

We are also including a link here for a piece Niagara At Large posted this March 11th, featuring a letter Gary King, a Niagara, Ontario resident from Welland, wrote to Federal Minister of Finance Bill Morneau and Minister of Revenue Diane Lebouthillier, urging them to take action to stop the millionaire and billionaire taxdodgers.

Here is the link to the NAL post on Gary King’s letter

Finally here is a link to a documentary aired last fall on TVO called ‘The Great Canadian Tax Dodge’

NOW IT IS YOUR TURN. Niagara At Large encourages you to share your views on this post. A reminder that we only post comments by individuals who share their first and last name with them.

Visit Niagara At Large at for more news and commentary for and from the greater bi-national Niagara region.



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