Bernie Sanders Supporters In Buffalo, New York Area Urged To Remain Peaceful In Wake Of Violence At Donald Trump Rallies

We will not allow the Donald Trumps of the world to divide us up.”

A Message from U.S. Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders & ‘from the Buffalo for Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Office

Posted March 13th, 2016 on Niagara At Large

U.S. Senator and presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders

U.S. Senator and presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders


“We do things a little different in this campaign: We bring people together. No, we are not gonna hate Mexicans. We are not gonna hate Muslims. We are not gonna insult women. We are not gonna insult veterans. We’re not gonna insult African-Americans.

We will not allow the Donald Trumps of the world to divide us up. If we do not allow them to divide us up by race, by sexual orientation, by gender, by whether we were born in America or whether we are immigrants—when we stand together as white, black, Hispanic, gay, straight, women and men—when we stand together and demand that this country works for all of us rather than the few, we will transform America. That’s what we are going to do: We are going to bring our people TOGETHER.”  –

Senator Bernie Sanders

A Message from the ‘Buffalo for Bernie Sanders campaign

Let’s stay true to the spirit of the Sanders campaign: I’m calling on all Berniebernie btoons two Sanders supporters in Buffalo and Upstate New York to use their energy in a loving and constructive manner: PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND OR DISRUPT DONALD TRUMP RALLIES.

Lets keep registering voters, despite the rigid and rigged nature of the electoral system in New York State.  Let’s build an inclusive campaign that fights against the organized political and economic power of the richest 1 percent. When we stand together, we win – it’s much harder to stand together if some of us end up in emergency rooms or holding cells.

I’m just as concerned about the authoritarian impulse that drives people to the Trump campaign as many are, but we need to be smart about how we build a viable opposition to the bullshit he sells his supporters. Join me in avoiding Trump rallies and lets keep building the political movement we need to leave this country better off for all of us, not just a handful of well-connected or well-off people.

In Solidarity,

Brian Nowak Buffalo for Bernie Sanders

Our mailing address is: Buffalo for Bernie Sanders, 1153 Parkside Ct., Buffalo, NY 14214

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2 responses to “Bernie Sanders Supporters In Buffalo, New York Area Urged To Remain Peaceful In Wake Of Violence At Donald Trump Rallies

  1. Linda McKellar

    Feel the Bern!


  2. Incidents of professionally-orchestrated mayhem, financed by media and disgruntled sources of left-wing extremism, who enjoy baiting the other side for their own political gains while fueling chords of negativity.

    Trump’s supporters should just ignore it and realize where it’s coming from, but remember it for their own inspiration to overcome it. We’ve seen the same brand of mass thuggery in Canada, whenever there was a big economic event or something which may be perceived to impact the environment or the welfare of the animal kingdom.

    These strong personal and morally-perceived issues seem to bring out the full assortment of nut-bars, no matter the cycle of the moon.


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