More GO Trains Transit Heading To Niagara Falls, Ontario

A Submission from the Office of Niagara Falls Liberal MPP Kim Craitor

April 12, 2013 – Ontario is making it easier to travel between Toronto and Niagara Falls this summer by once again running regular weekend and holiday GO Train service between the transit logo 

GO Trains will run on the following days: 

  • Victoria Day long weekend
  • Friday evenings, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays between June 29 and September 2
  • Thanksgiving weekend

Trains will stop at Union, Exhibition, Port Credit, Oakville, Burlington, St. Catharines and Niagara Falls. GO Buses will also connect with trains in St. Catharines and travel express to Niagara-on-the-Lake, providing even more options for travelers. 

Investing in public transit is part of the new Ontario government’s plan to help reduce congestion, strengthen the economy and create jobs.


“Our unprecedented public transit investments are making transit a better choice for commuters, reducing congestion on our roads and contributing to a better quality of life for Ontario families.” 

— Glen Murray, Minister of Transportation, Minister of Infrastructure

“I am very pleased to be welcoming summer GO Train service back to St. Catharines and Niagara for another busy summer season. Taking the GO Train to Niagara stimulates our economy, and it helps our environment by reducing congestion on our busy highways. Most of all, GO service makes it easy for people to get to our wineries, restaurants and, of course, world-famous Niagara Falls.”

— Jim Bradley, MPP for St. Catharines

“This is great news for tourists and residents. Taking the GO Train to Niagara is an easy and comfortable way to travel and enjoy all that the Niagara region has to offer.”

— Kim Craitor, MPP for Niagara Falls

“Come and see us!  It’s easier than ever with expanded summer GO service.  There’s so much to explore in Niagara Falls and the Niagara Region and all you have to do is get on the GO!  We’ll see you here!” 

— Mayor Jim Diodati, Mayor for Niagara Falls


  • Passengers will be able to take their bikes on the train on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Each GO Train will be equipped with specially designed rail coaches that can carry 18 bikes each.
  • Commuters can use their PRESTO cards to get on the train at the Niagara Falls and St. Catharines VIA stations and at all GO stations.
  • The GO Bus connection between Niagara-on-the-Lake and St. Catharines is the same fare as continuing on to Niagara Falls by train.
  • Since 2009, over 130,000 GO Train trips were taken between Toronto and Niagara Falls.  


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6 responses to “More GO Trains Transit Heading To Niagara Falls, Ontario

  1. I’ve always supported the idea of more GO Trains coming here, not just in summer. Yet, I’ve never taken one. Perhaps I have more of an excuse to try it this summer.


  2. I tried it two summers ago, something like 25 dollars for a round trip to Toronto. for a senior citizen, and the ride was delightful.!!from Bridge Street terminal to downtown muss no fuss.


  3. I think it is great to leverage the investment made in trains in this matter. Perhaps we can also offer Niagara Regional bus service in a manner that overlaps this service! Sound sarcastic? Sorry, but would it surprise you? Sadly the answer is a resounding no!
    Just sayin…….


  4. GO and Metrolinx have no intention of expanding services to Niagara in any major way. We are viewed as an outpost of Hamilton — for transit, as for hospital services.


  5. I know I have been told by people tied to Metrolynx that Niagara will never get the GO Train until we have properly coordinated regional bus service.


  6. Niagara fall is one of the wonder full place i ever toured, frankly saying when I travel to whirlpool, i so scared that it will fall. but I and my friend enjoys a lot. Maid of the mist, awesome. I haven’t seen such beautiful fall ever from that distance.


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