Join Niagara, Ontario Group For An Important Talk On Why Overcrowded Jails Do None Of Us Any Justice

A Niagara At Large News Brief

For the last few years, there has been debate – albeit hardly enough – in Canada’s mainstream media over the Harper government’s recently approved get-tough-on-crime legislation and how it could lead to overcrowded jails that do more to breed criminals than rehabilitate them.jail_bars1

One of the organization that has repeatedly addressed its concerns to the Harper government about this is the nation-wide, not-for-profit John Howards Society of Canada – a time-honoured group that has dedicated itself to seeing that Canada’s correctional and justice policies embrace the principles that are “effective, just and humane.”

 The St. Catharines & District Council of Women, a not-for-profit public interest group that features meetings on a host of topics of interest and concern to the larger community, will be hosting a meeting this coming Thursday, January 10 at 8 p.m. on this topic and you are all invited to come.

The meeting will take place at the St. Catharines Centennial Library on 54 Church Street in the city’s downtown, on the issue of overcrowding in our jails and what it means for the overall go of rehabilitating people who have been convicted of  committing crime and of reducing crime rates in general.

The featured speaker will beJim Wells, the Executive Director of  the John Howard Society  of Niagara.

 “I’ve been around long enough to recognize serious problems with overcrowding in our jails,” Wells has stated on this issue

The John Howard Society of Canada has issued two reports over the past few years, criticizing mega jails, double and triple bunking. And, many, of the prisoners  in our provincial jails, who are serving  terms of two years or less and  who are in what is termed ‘remand’ custody, are in similar situations, and many   must wait months to have  their charges brought to court. And, some  are in   jail  because they cannot post bail.

According to Wells, it’s important to take a look at the history of our local jails, and to “take a jeweller’s eye to what is currently going on,  so sensible changes can be made.”  As he noted; “this is important for communities like Niagara   and  for those  who are in jail .  Crowded jails do nothing to help lower crime rates and instead lead to higher recidivism rates.”

The meeting is hosted by the 20  Affiliated  Group and 29 Individual Members of the  St. Catharines and District Council of Women. It is free to the public. Try not to miss it.


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  1. Hi Doug, Thanks so much for the great coverage!!! Gracia


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