Chinese Boxes And The Harper Government’s Ominous Omnibus Budget Bill

By Mark Taliano

Chinese boxes can be broken down into increasingly smaller boxes to ultimately reveal the smallest, most distilled version of the box, which represents an alternate narrative of the original. Such a box is an appropriate metaphor for what is happening in Canada today.

Is Canada’s fate as a democracy and environmental protection leader hidden inside these boxes?

The real driver, the box within the box, of the environmental and corporate devastation of our country today, is Communist China.  

Communist China is not comfortable with our environmental laws, nor is it comfortable with what is left of our democracy, and so they are pressuring us to dismantle both.  Certainly the pressure is not overt, but it is powerful nonetheless. 

How to prove what seems to be an outlandish statement?  Simple.  Sinopec and other Communist Party state-owned companies have a vested interest in Canada’s Tar Sands industry, and they see environmental legislation and democratic procedures as being barriers to business.

Elizabeth May, Federal MP and leader of the Green Party Of Canada, is right when she says that we are selling out our democracy to China. 

The most pressing and significant example of our sell out takes the form of the omnibus Bill C-38.  It is called a “Budget Bill”, but it, like the Chinese boxes, (or the Russian dolls), is actually much more than that.  It is a bill that will devastate environmental legislation at every turn, and enable our federal regime to further devastate our air, water, soil, and economy, at a continued super-speed, unregulated rate.

Among other things, the 425 page Bill will repeal the Kyoto Protocol Implementation Act, the National Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy Act, and the Fair Wages and Hours Labour Act.  It will also alter core provisions of other laws such as the Fisheries Act, Navigable Waters Protection Act, National Energy Board Act, Species At Risk Act, Parks Canada Agency Act, Canadian Oil And Gas Operations Act, Nuclear Safety Control Act, Canada Seeds Act, and the Canadian Environmental Protection Act. 

Omnibus bills are supposed to tie together pieces of legislation that share a common theme, but, contrary to Parliamentary rules, this one does not.  It has a hidden, illegitimate agenda, a “box within a box”, and it needs to be scrapped.

China is no doubt pleased with the Bill, but Canadians should be outraged. 

Mark Taliano is a Niagara resident and regular contributor of news and commentary to Niagara At Large.

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9 responses to “Chinese Boxes And The Harper Government’s Ominous Omnibus Budget Bill

  1. Dear Mark,
    Why the China bashing? A few years back the publisher of NAL (Doug Draper) blamed China for the closing of the St David’s CanGro plant. At that time I pointed out that the policies or lack of policies of our government is entirely its own responsibility, and not that of any other government. Keep your focus on democratic renewal here while making critiques about the policies of foreign governments. For example, why not condemn the Canadian government’s attempt to export asbestos to poorer nations or uranium to India as examples of its social irresponsibility?
    Ron Walker


  2. Our Elizabeth May is ready and willing to pull every item in this omnibus bill and with the other two parties scrutinise and try to kill this affront to democracy bill. This is the biggest threat to our freedoms since the Nazi doctrine that killed dissent and plunged the whole world into war, my father protected Halifax based convoys and was willing to die for freedom with the Royal Navy. We cannot sit on our behinds and let this violation of Canadian values be trampled on. The Harperites will sell our birthright for thirty pieces of silver..


  3. Elizabeth May:


  4. “Calling a spade a spade” The Harperites will sell our birthright for thirty pieces of silver…
    We the Canadian people sold our birthright when we through laziness, and a total lack of caring did not take the time or effort to get off our fat asses and vote. This is the reality of civic duty disregarded and it truly comes back to haunt as it has in so many lands where dictators reign with an iron fist.
    For years since the merging We, the electorate witnessed the excesses of these goons, their complete lack of commitment to rule of law and we then allowed them to take complete control.
    So who sold out our Birthright? If you did not vote then you truly have nothing to say but you might try by adding forgive me for I know not what I did or should I say did not do.
    They have a leader who is the total “Master” of his party and they NOW have a majority which means Harper can do whatever the hell he pleases and cannot be stopped.
    This is the resultant of not caring and we all have to suffer until at least the next election….That is if it, the voting, is not corrupted
    God Bless us better we say God Help us
    We have no right blaming the Chinese, the South Koreans, Iran or whoever………the fault lies with US and no one else


  5. Here’s an unhappy camper. Every point she makes can be supported with strong evidence.!/OccupyCanada


  6. Protests against Bill C-38, today, (5:30 pm) in front of federal Conservative M.P offices. for information


  7. Mark our Federal Conservative MP are but a sheep who jumps when Harper snaps his fingers and the other MPs, NDP and Liberal do not have the necessary number of seats to stop the mad rush to dictatorship which is exactly where this regime is heading Canada and the peoples. Rallies in front of offices is laughed at by the Conservative Corporate media and they show the practice as nothing worth taking time to report.


  8. Alberta Oil Spill press conference:


  9. Too bad about those con backbenchers … History won’t treat them kindly.


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