Ontario’s Liberal Government Dithers Away Eight Months, PC Leader Charges

A Submission from the Office of Ontario PC Party leader Tim Hudak

QUEEN’S PARK, June 11, 2012– As another Legislative session marked by dithering and delay winds down – bringing the total to eight months of inaction since the last election – frustrated Ontarians want strong action to unleash our province’s true potential, PC Leader Tim Hudak said today.

Ontario PC and official opposition leader Tim Hudak

“There is a way out of this mess,” Hudak said, “and increasingly, the Ontarians I talk to agree that it will require us to get our fiscal house in order and get our economic fundamentals right.

“But I’m concerned that every day’s delay just lets the Liberals keep digging a hole that just keeps getting deeper. Now we’ve wasted yet another Legislative session, instead of digging out. It’s another failing grade for a government we’ve tried to hold to account to cut spending, grow the private sector and ensure value for taxpayers.” Hudak’s comments came in the final days of a session marked by the virtual shelving of the Drummond report, a budget that was almost immediately dismissed by credit rating agencies, more job losses, stagnating private sector wages, and more Liberal excuses for it all.

“Just last Friday, the Economic Development Minister blamed the U.S. economy for dragging us down – when it’s the U.S. economy that’s luring our manufacturing jobs away,” Hudak noted. And instead of action on creating the right climate for job growth, Hudak added, the government held yet another news conference on a jobs advisory talking shop that still doesn’t exist. 

“Once again the Liberals are simply ‘kicking the can down the road’. And it’s some can: a looming $30 billion deficit, nearly 600,000 unemployed, the risk of another credit downgrade and a fiscal house of cards that could collapse from a sudden economic shock. 

Ontarians are taking all this in, Hudak said, and are increasingly demanding bold action and new ideas to reduce the size and cost of government and kick-start private sector job creation.

“That’s why we spent the session putting strong new ideas on the table,” Hudak said. “We’re proud to have proposed public sector wage freeze legislation and released our Paths to Prosperity: Affordable Energy paper on reining in electricity costs – as just two examples.”

Hudak said throughout the summer, he and his PC Caucus colleagues will go anywhere and listen to anyone with additional ideas for turning Ontario around: “And the best ideas are coming from the people who pay the bills – not this tired, discredited government,” Hudak concluded.”

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One response to “Ontario’s Liberal Government Dithers Away Eight Months, PC Leader Charges

  1. Will MacKenzie

    It is all well and good for you to slam the McSquinty Liberals Timmy, but I’m afraid you do not offer a viable alternative! You are still (and always will be) tainted with being one of the Harris clones. I strongly suggest that you put your personal ambitions aside for the good of your party and the province, and resign as party leader. Only by putting a new person, with new ideas, in charge can the Ontario Conservative party hope to return to power. I don’t know how to put this in a way that doesn’t sound mean or nasty, but as long as Deb Hutton, Mike Harris’ chief strategist, is close to the Conservative leader, that leader is not going to get my vote — and I am a conservative!


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