Canada May Be Taking Its Cue From China On Gutting Environmental Rules

A Brief Comment by Doug Draper

You may remember that one of Canada’s Harper government’s major reasons for being among the first developed countries in the world to bow out of the Kyoto Accord on climate change was that China won’t sign on.

A smoggy day in Beijing town. If China can cover up or ignore its environmental problems, why can’t Canada?

If China won’t make commitments under the accord to reduce greenhouse emissions to the atmosphere, then why should Canada, so the logic of Harper, his environment minister Peter Kent, and apparently the remainder of his ‘we’ll-just-suck-it-up-and do-anything-our-leader-says’ caucus appears to go.

Instead of showing any global leadership on the environment front, as Canada once did, why not model ourselves after China and do what Harper and company are attempting to do this week with their omnibus budget bill – kill as many programs for monitoring air and water quality as possible so as not to have to deal with any facts that might get in the way of business for their corporate masters.

In the front section of the June 6 edition of The Globe and Mail, there was a little story by one of the newspaper’s China correspondents that shows us where Canada is heading on air emissions, with China taking the lead. It talks about senior Chinese officials urging the U.S. embassy in China’s capital of Beijing from taking air-pollution readings. And why?  Because those readings document what a toxic soup the air often is in Beijing and the dictatorship running that country wants everyone to believe there is only a “slight” air pollution problem in this city of more than 14 million, where environmental protection rules are about as foreign as democracy..

“The U.S. embassy has installed a monitoring point on its roof which releases hourly air-quality data via a widely followed Twitter feed,” says the Globe report. “Chinese experts have criticized the single U.S. embassy monitoring point as “unscientific.” Deputy Environment Minister Wu Xiaoqing went a step further, saying such readings were illegal and should stop, though he did not directly name the United States.”

Never mind Canada being a leader any more on air and water quality protection. I you don’t think we are now going to follow China down the path of gut every environmental program for growth’s sake, then just check out the omnibus budget bill (just Google it and see for yourself, what comes up) that the Harper government will shove down our throats in the days ahead, no matter how many citizens across the country protests.

This is what the Harper neo-cons winning a majority in last year’s federal election was really all about, although they never had the guts to tell us until the vote was in.

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3 responses to “Canada May Be Taking Its Cue From China On Gutting Environmental Rules

  1. They sold the average voter a bill of goods, claiming a steady helmmaster Stephen Harper, would be good for Canadians and Canada. What we are getting is the now not so hidden agenda. We will no longer have any protection on any front, fisheriies, environment, all our safe-guards gone with a stroke of the pen.The RCMP and the military will be assembled against us, imprisonment without trial, will be the new norm. Under the guise of a Homeland Security type of justice, we should be very afraid of the looming NEW CANADA.


  2. The consequences of the Omni-Bush Bill are serious indeed. Passed, it would increase the speed with which we are all going to hell in a handbasket. Canadians should indeed take notice, big time. But they(we) won’t, because we(they) have been thoroughly brainwashed by the media, by the car-motorcycle-travel-bottom line-shoppaholic-Growth is God-family is all, the devil take the hindmost, etc.-etc. culture. I lived in a communist country(Hungary) for eleven years(1945 – 1956). The effectiveness of Communist propaganda was nothing compared to the head-to-toe brain and guts and heart washing that governs mass behaviour in North America,
    and, it seems, a lot of “free” Europe. We are going to hell in a handbasket.
    Now please tell me: who the hell holds the handle!


  3. Linda McKellar

    The entire world has been bought and sold. The human race will die out thanks to its own greed and good riddance to us. I hope the innocent creatures will survive us.


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