Ontario’s Finance Minister Calls For New $1.8 billion Hospital In His Windsor Area Riding After Cancelling Hospital Projects In West Niagara And Other Communities

A Foreword by Doug Draper

 Niagara At Large is publishing the full text of the following April 23 post from the Ontario Public Service Employees  Union   ((OPSEU) should   ast be of interest to residents in the Grimsby, West Lincoln, Lincoln areas of Niagara, Ontario, where the province’s Liberal government of Dalton McGuinty, together with his finance minister Dwight Duncan, are proposing to cancel funding for a new West Lincoln Memorial Hospital in Grimsby.

It's okay for Ontario Liberal Finance Minister Dwight Duncan to go for a new hospital build in his Windsor area ridiing, but to hell with west Niagara. That should sound familiar to old opponents of the west St. Catharines hospital site.

 Just like the Niagara Health System barreled ahead with plans – despite opposition from Niagara doctors and others – to build the new super-hopsital, complete with a cancer and cardiac treatment centre, in west St. Catharines rather than in a more central region of Niagara (a west St. Catharines site that just so happens to be in the riding of McGuinty Liberal cabinet minister Jim Bradley), Duncan looks like he will have his hospital prize to deliver to riding constituents in the Windsor area.

Isn’t that NICE? What follows is the post from OPSEU on this. By the way, before you get down to the OPSEU piece, check out a few online biographies on Dwight Duncan. What you will find is that this guy has never held a real job and has been on public welfare for most of his adult life. Sorry for the aside. Here begins the OPSEU piece.

The OPSEU Article

While cancelling the new $136.8 million West Lincoln Memorial Hospital in Grimsby, along with cuts to five other hospital projects across the province, Finance Minister Dwight Duncan announced a task force to look at building a new $1.5 billion regional hospital in his Windsor constituency.

The new super hospital would replace both Windsor Regional Hospital and Windsor Hotel Dieu. This is even though both hospitals have undergone recent additions, including a $91.6 million mental health facility at WRH and an $80 million cardiac care expansion at Hotel Dieu. Last year the government also approved a $60 million expansion of WRH’s ER and laboratory facilities – a project that wasn’t shelved as part of the McGuinty austerity budget.

Despite more than $230 million in new builds at the two hospitals – almost twice what it would cost to rebuild West Lincoln, Duncan estimates the Windsor hospitals will require another $1.8 billion in new capital projects to keep the two hospitals operating.

David Musyj, CEO of Windsor Regional, says both the buildings and the site are physically inadequate for what’s needed in the near future.

Neither Musyj nor Duncan have said what is pushing the demand given both the city and region recently recorded a decline in their overall population (Windsor declined 2.6 per cent since 2006, the metropolitan area shrank by 1.3 per cent).

Of course, a merger would also mean rationalization of services – a common thread following most hospital mergers in Ontario. Musyj told the Windsor Star that there is still some duplication of services, supplies and equipment that could be done away with by combining both institutions.

As Peterborough recently learned, amalgamating and building a new hospital does not necessarily mean an expansion of services. It has also been struggling with its budget, cutting large numbers of beds and staff positions that have impacted the hospital’s quality indicators.

Amalgamation of hospitals in the Niagara community has also led to spiralling deficits and community concern over quality of services. More than 30 C-difficile related deaths took place at the NHS last year. Two NHS community hospitals also lost their ERs as part of the hospital’s “improvement” plan.

Both WRH and Hotel Dieu are already the results of earlier amalgamations in the Windsor area.

Duncan has asked Liberal MPP Teresa Piruzza (Windsor West), former NDP MPP Dave Cooke and former city counsellor Tom Porter to chair a public consultation committee on the merger and new build.

As part of the austerity budget, Duncan cancelled hospital upgrades in Grimsby, Toronto (Sunnybrook), Kincardine, and Wingham while “restructuring” projects in Brockville and St. Thomas.

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10 responses to “Ontario’s Finance Minister Calls For New $1.8 billion Hospital In His Windsor Area Riding After Cancelling Hospital Projects In West Niagara And Other Communities

  1. Chris Wojnarowski

    I am shocked…shocked to find gambling going on in this establishment!
    And if, gentle reader, you have read any of my previous posts, all I can say is : “Your Worship, I rest my case”.


  2. William Snyder

    And where were NDP today when it comes to supporting Niagara health – I can tell you the were conjuring up political rhetoric to keep from having to leave the feeding trough and to hell with using their bargianing power to force McLiar to change the Niagara health system – They are all tarred with the same feathers!!!!!!!


    • So William tell me where the much vaunted TIM WHOODAT OR BETTER WHEREDAT!!! was on this file . Walked away at the most important time in the need to be at the table to fight for West Lincoln’s Hospital !! I bet he will show up at the Ralley in support of the Hospital . I know a lot of people who will be grumbling while he trys to explain his true lack of Leadership. What ever happened to leaders with Principles and lead with the true Purpose of Government ( do what is best for the people who invested their trust in you !) Government is not a video game and our Leaders shouldn’t act as though they have the only JOY STICK in the game!


  3. Looks to me like Double-Chin Duncan only serves his own riding instead of serving the entire province like he was elected to do. Lies, corruption and selfish, greedy decisions run very deep in the Liberal party, always have and always will, this is why Liberals are a danger to the people of Ontario.


  4. The real truth is, we are all alone in the orphan riding called Niagara. we are disposable just like a used baby diaper.time to vote Green Party of Niagara and get a voice for our area.


  5. MIchael, Double-Chin Duncan, (chuckle) as it seems you like him to be referred to by, is attempting to feather his own nest by appealing to the peoples of Windsor for in my opinion he will be defeated in his next bid for re-election. thus the “New” Hospital….Even while other peoples in Ontario suffer the indignity of dying in hospitals that have been cut to the bone and or devastated by staffing shortages and mismanagement.


  6. How dare the inept and incompetent Finance Minister, Dwight Duncan, cancel the rebuild of our great (but literally falling down with age) hospital in Grimsby!!! West Lincoln Memorial Hospital and its wonderful medical staff desperately need and deserve a new building to continue to serve this community of over 65,000 people in the catchment area. Do what is right for our every growing community and re-instate the rebuild that was promised!


  7. You can bet on one thing Anna the people of Grimsby will have a Hospital –One way or another! I have never seen a community as strongly motivated when it sets it’s mind on any issue it deems worthy!!!


  8. Stephen Prior

    It is because Hudak is the MPP and the leader of the PC that the hospital will not be built in Grimsby. We need the hospital in this area and money has been raised towards it. The community supports it but unforntunately it will not be built for the reason I provided above.

    McGuinty has done nothing but prove what a low life politician he is. Oh wait I just repeated myself


  9. Help Save Our Hospitals!

    Please send this video to everyone in Ontario who values their healthcare:

    Contact Dalton McGuinty here:

    Contact Dwight Duncan here: http://www.fin.gov.on.ca/en/contact/index.html


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