Hospice Niagara Medical Director Receives Award For Palliative Care

(Niagara At Large is pleased to post the following media release from the not-for-profit palliative-care agency Hospice Niagara.)

Hospice Niagara’s Medical Director, Dr. Brian Kerley, received the Elizabeth J. Latimer Prize in Palliative Care on Thursday, February 24th at the Third Annual Lectureship in Palliative Care at McMaster University.

Dr. Brian Kerley honoured for his work.

The Elizabeth J. Latimer prize recognizes excellence and innovation in palliative care within our local (Niagara, Ontario) region.

Dr. Brian Kerley was born and raised in Niagara. Not only is Dr. Kerley the Medical Director at Hospice Niagara, he is also an assistant Clinical Professor and Niagara Clerkship Coordinator for the Department of Family Medicine and Division of Palliative Care at McMaster University and practicing physician with the Garden City Family Health Team.  Dr. Kerley is also a member of 5 medical associations, and active in a wide range of scholarly and professional activities.
Dr. Kerley was critical in the growth and development of the palliative care consultation service for both community and inpatient palliative care. Dr. Kerley has applied not only his comprehensive clinical skills and personal compassion to individuals, but he has worked diligently to develop an infrastructure to make these services more readily available.

Through persistent determination, Dr. Kerley brings compassionate care and the highest level of symptom management to residents in the Niagara region. Dr. Kerley has been on the leading edge of the development in the practice of palliative care in Niagara and in the promotion of new and improved models of care.

Elizabeth J. Latimer Prize

Dr. Elizabeth J. Latimer is a pioneer and internationally renowned palliative care physician and educator.  Currently, Dr. Latimer provides clinical care with the Hamilton General Hospital palliative care consult team, and is a professor in the Department of Family Medicine providing education to future and current health professionals.

Dr. Latimer has received multiple awards for her work in palliative care, including the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association Aware of Excellence in Palliative Care, and the 2004 Ontario Medical Association Section of Palliative Care Award of Excellence.

The Elizabeth J. Latimer Prize is given to a clinician whose work continues to pave the way for continued growth and improvement of end-of-life care in our region.

Hospice Niagara extends their congratulations to Dr. Brian Kerley on this prestigious award.

You can learn more about Hospice Niagara by visiting its website at     www.niagarahospice.org .

(Visit Niagara At Large at www.niagaraatlarge.com for more news and commentary on matters of interest and concern to residents in our greater Niagara area and beyond.)


One response to “Hospice Niagara Medical Director Receives Award For Palliative Care

  1. This is a well-deserved honour for a man who has brought a very human, compassionate and critically important part of life to our community. Thank you for creating something that we can all support and be proud of in Niagara….an aspect of our health care that works beautifully. Hospice Niagara, its volunteers and staff deserve everything that we can do for them.


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