Retired Niagara Nurse Slams Ford’s Treatment of Ontario Nurses

A Commentary from Linda McKellar, retired Niagara nurse

Posted January 6th, 2023 on Niagara At Large

(The following is a response retired Niagara nurse Linda McKellar shared with Niagara At Large to a piece we posted on NAL on the underpaying of Ontario nurses.)

I can’t even bother with rational comments about this any more.

How do you kill something? Don’t feed it.

How do you destroy the health care system? Don’t pay the nurses, the lifeblood of the system. Hell, they only save lives.

Maybe if they were athletes playing games they could make a few million a year!

Do people really think doctors are monitoring and watching over their patients at 3 am on a Sunday morning or holiday?

Many doctors haven’t seen their own patients in 3 years due to the pandemic (except ER doctors and clinic).

When the nurses leave or can’t provide proper care due to exhaustion and shortages the government can declare the system is broken so they can privatize and make money off peoples’ suffering.69% of bankruptcies in the US are due to medical bills.

With any luck we can emulate them.

Linda McKellar is a Fort Erie resident and retired nurse who worked in emergency care in the Niagara Hospital System.

To read the NAL post this commentary was a response to, click on

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