Underpaying Ontario Nurses, Wasting Taxpayer Money

It’s The Same Old Ford in 2023

A Call-Out from the Green Party of Ontario

Posted January 5th, 2023 on Niagara At Large

Late last week (over the Holiday Season), while most of us were spending time with our loved ones and celebrating the end of a troubling year, the Ford government was plowing ahead with its business-as-usual disrespect for Ontario’s healthcare workers.

Ford waited until the eleventh hour, when he thought nobody was looking, to appeal the Superior Court decision that ruled Bill 124 unconstitutional – making it crystal clear that he doesn’t care about healthcare workers or the millions of Ontarians who raised their voices in opposition to thisharmful legislation.

Bill 124 suppresses wages and limits collective bargaining rights. Not surprisingly, it has fueled staffing shortages in hospitals and across the crumbling healthcare system as nurses leave the profession or take their skills to jurisdictions where they feel valued and respected.

Tell Ford to drop the appeal.

Now, instead of accepting that Bill 124 is dead and paying healthcare workers the fair wages they deserve, the PCs are doubling down and wasting taxpayer money on an expensive and unnecessary appeal while our healthcare system continues to cave in.

We need to take better care of the people who care for us. Ford must end this petty campaign against our nurses and healthcare workers. Please join me in calling on the government to abandon this appeal immediately.

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3 responses to “Underpaying Ontario Nurses, Wasting Taxpayer Money

  1. Quote: “Ford must end this petty campaign against our nurses and healthcare workers. Please join me in calling on the government to abandon this appeal immediately.” This petty campaign is just a case of hiding behind the “letter of the law” in order to make lawyers feel important by feeding them “unlimited” money to indulge in legalistic chicanery in order to “get rid of” the nurses. Instead, he should set up an appropriate system of arbitration to help settle the matter properly, professionally and ethically.


  2. I can’t even bother with rational comments about this any more.
    How do you kill something? Don’t feed it.
    How do you destroy the health care system? Don’t pay the nurses, the lifeblood of the system. Hell, they only save lives. Maybe if they were athletes playing games they could make a few million a year! Do people really think doctors are monitoring and watching over their patients at 3 am on a Sunday morning or holiday? Many doctors haven’t seen their own patients in 3 years due to the pandemic (except ER doctors and clinic).
    When the nurses leave or can’t provide proper care due to exhaustion and shortages the government can declare the system is broken so they can privatize and make money off peoples’ suffering.
    69% of bankruptcies in the US are due to medical bills. With any luck we can emulate them.


  3. We would not have gotten through these last few years without our care workers. they worked their butts off, gave their all, 110%. This is how Ford repays them??? We’re loosing them…Shame on you Ford, come on be reasonable!


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