Niagara Parks Foundation Receives $400,000 TD Bank Investment for Stewardship Work at Dufferin Islands

  *   Niagara Parks Foundation to receive $400,000 over three years from TD Bank Group, toward new Visitor Experience and Ecological Enhancement Initiative at Dufferin Islands

News from Ontario’s Niagara Parks Commission

Posted October 27th, 2022 on Niagara At Large

Niagara Falls, ON – Through collaboration with the Niagara Parks Foundation, TD Bank Group has committed $400,000 over the next three years, to launch the Dufferin Islands Visitor Experience and Ecological Enhancement Initiative.

Inside Dufferin Islands near the brink of theHorseshoe Falls in Niagara FAlls, Ontario. Photo courtesy of Niagara Parks Commission

This multi-phase project, funded through the TD Ready Commitment, will strengthen the overall environmental sustainability of the site. In addition, the project will continue to support meaningful experiences for guests of all ages and abilities, who visit this treasured public park.

Dufferin Islands Visitor Experience and Ecological Enhancement Project

The Dufferin Islands nature area represents a unique active-use, natural urban park, located adjacent to Niagara Falls, and just steps away from the upper Niagara River.

Although the park has undergone a variety of changes over the years, the area remains home to a diverse population of plant and animal species, including those classified as ‘rare’ and ‘at-risk’. A popular destination since the 1920’s, Dufferin Islands conjures up fond memories for many, of leisurely afternoon picnics spent with family, over decades past.

One of the paths through Dufferin Islands. Photo courtesy of Niagara Parks Commission

As park use has steadily increased in recent years, so has the need for considerable restoration efforts to address a variety of concerns, from trail accessibility and infrastructure renewal, to adding protection from future threats, such as flooding, erosion and invasive species.

As a result, project partners have designed a plan to implement this initiative in multiple phases, over a three-year period. Key project investment goals include:

  *   Restoring stability along critical sections of the islands, shoreline and the surrounding moraine to protect sensitive habitats, while continuing to safely host visitors year-round.

  *   Thoughtfully addressing the inventory of aging infrastructure, to identify and remove barriers to increase universal access.

  *   Developing educational programming opportunities in nature, suited to all ages and abilities. This includes the creation of new interpretive content, in collaboration with Indigenous partners, to foster a greater appreciation of the unique history of this area.

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