Ford Chooses More Highways Over Protecting Farmland & Fighting Climate Change

A Message from Ontario Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner

Posted September 12th, 2022 on Niagara At Large

Last week I voted against the Ford government’s motion to double down on their efforts to build their destructive $10 billion Highway 413.



I’m not sure what Doug Ford and his government have against farmers, but we have to stop paving over the farmland that feeds us and the nature that protects us.

If built, this super-sprawler highway will:

               * Pave over 2,000 ACRES of prime farmland and unleash sprawl development on thousands of acres

               * Pave over 400 ACRES of the Greenbelt

               * Destroy 75 WETLANDS

               * Pump 17.4M TONNES of carbon pollution into the air by 2050

               * Threaten 11 species at risk

In other words, an environmental and economic disaster.  Take Action Against Highway 413.

I was the first MPP at Queen’s Park to come out against Highway 413, and I will continue to lead the charge against it. But there is still work to be done.

This October 1, I Will Be Joining Community Groups And Citizens Of Dufferin-Caledon For The Ontario Harvest Walk Along The Proposed Route Of Highway 413.

It’s time to take a stand! Join me alongside fellow Greens and hundreds of others to help raise awareness about the 2,000 acres of irreplaceable farmland that will be destroyed by this reckless highway project.

Let’s keep fighting for a Greener, more caring Ontario. I’ll see you there.

RSVP TO JOIN THE HARVEST ONTARIO WALK THIS OCTOBER 1.  For more on this event, click on

Sincerely, Mike Schreiner, Leader,  Ontario Greens

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