Biden Delivers Powerful Speech in Poland for Democracy over Tyranny Everywhere

“For God’s sake, This Man (Putin) Cannot Remain In Power” – U.S. President Joe Biden

“Russians Are Not Our Enemy.”

We Will Have A Different Future, A Brighter Future, Rooted In Democracy And Principles, Hope And Light, Of Decency And Dignity, Of Freedom, And Possibilities,”

A Brief Commentary by Doug Draper, followed by Biden’s full speech in Warsaw, Poland

Posted March 26th, 2022 on Niagara At Large

U.S. President Joe Biden gives a pickup and hug to a young girl from Ukraine in a refugee camp near Warsaw, Poland where he later talks about the spirit and courage of those he met in the camp

Joe Biden’s powerful speech Warsaw, Poland was not over for a couple of minutes before cable media outlets in his own country said – “Did you listen to that? He’s calling for regime change!”

They kept saying it over and over again as if to accuse Biden of wanting a hit squad from his country and/or others in the NATO coalition to go in and take the monster in the Kremlin out.

But if you listen to Biden’s entire speech and place that part of it in context, there is a segment where the U.S. president makes it clear he is trying to get through to the Russian people – people he also makes clear he has no beef with – and hopes that they will take him out of power, one way or another.

To that I say shouldn’t anyone of sound mind hope the same!

The terror Putin and the heartless animals in his military are inflicting on tens-of-millions millions of men, women and children in Ukraine. When are NATO forces finally going to move in and put a stop to the war crimes being committed by Putin and his army?

Biden’s speech in Warsaw, Poland this March 26th – a city that has known the horror of tyranny, first through Hitler’s Nazis and next under Stalin’s murderous rule – was the kind of tour de force I want to hear from Canada’s Prime Minister and other world leaders.

If you listen to the whole speech, Biden says something else more clearly than I have heard from Canada’s prime minister, who still cowers too much to gas/oil/tars and interests in our country. He speaks to the climate change crisis and the need to use this Ukraine catastrophe as another opportunity to get away from carbon fuels and embrace renewable sources of energy.

The Biden speech in Warsaw, Poland should be heard, word for word, by the whole world. We can agree with every word or not, but it is a worthy trigger for dialogue on where we, as a world, go from here.

And should Putin be removed from power. For any hope of peace and humanity in this world, he damn well should be!

  • Doug Draper, Niagara At Large

To watch and hear the entire speech, click on the screen immediately below –

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One response to “Biden Delivers Powerful Speech in Poland for Democracy over Tyranny Everywhere

  1. Could you picture Trump holding up a child, smiling and actually not have the child scream in sheer terror? Joe is GENUINE. He is EMPATHETIC. How on earth did such a man ever get elected in the US where machismo, a loud mouth and insincerity seem to be valued qualities?
    Trump wouldn’t get within 50 feet of a “dirty, unwashed refugee” or a child!
    Now I suppose the Q-anon folks will call him a pedophile!

    How dare he call Putin a butcher? Tucker Carlson will soil his shorts at hearing his idol so disparaged. Putin IS a butcher. The only way for him to go is regime change at the hands of the Russian people themselves. That country has done so several times with no outside interference. Of course the same crazies in the right wing will claim Biden is calling for his execution.

    No matter what Biden does he will be considered senile and weak. They are applying the terminology to the wrong person. The current US right wing is a master at projecting their character flaws on the opposition when they need to look in the mirror.

    Remember when the aggressor was considered the bad guy?


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