Niagara Centre MP to Play Key Role on New Great Lakes Taskforce

Niagara, Centre MP Vance Badawey and PEI Senator Diane Grffin Chair New All Party Taskforce With Special Cross-Border Focus On The Economic, Social, And Environmental Impacts Of The Great Lakes And St. Lawrence River

News from Canada’s Federal Government

Posted September 21st, 2020 on Niagara At Large

Our Great Lakes- a wondrous, life-sustaining treasure to millions of us who live around them. Let’s work together to protect and preserve them.

Ottawa, Ontario – After months of collaboration, PEI Senator Diane Griffin and Niagara Centre MP Vance Badawey are pleased to announce the establishment of a new all-party, bicameral Great Lakes St. Lawrence Taskforce by the Canada-United States Inter-Parliamentary Group.

The Taskforce will informally link with and mirror the US-based Great Lakes Task Force to ensure constant and meaningful attention to all matters relating to the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence.

The Taskforce will function like a sub-committee, with Senator Griffin and MP Badawey serving as Co-Chairs. Senator Griffin stated, “As Parliament returns, it is my hope that the Government of Canada will ensure that the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence remain an economic and ecological boon to Canada.

The federal Liberal Member of Parliament for Niagara Centre, Vance Badawey

Surely, we do not have to wait until a crisis strikes to maintain a resource as essential as our freshwater. I urge the Government of Canada to again view the health and sustainability of the Great Lakes as matters of great national and binational importance.

“This Taskforce will help keep those issues frontand-centre,” MP Badawey added, “The Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River are binational treasures that function as an economic driver, a job creation engine, and a gateway to US and other global markets.”

“They are also key to any post COVID-19 economic recovery in Ontario and throughout Canada, which is why they warrant our attention. Canada’s freshwater resources need support both in terms of investment and attention, and these efforts will benefit from strong and collaborative binational relationships. Fish and water don’t get hung-up at the Border and neither should we.”

MP Badawey and Senator Griffin started the binational outreach in March of 2020 on Capital Hill with Members of Congress.

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