In this Climate Emergency, There is No ‘Green New Deal’ that is Too Radical

Wonder why your property insurance costs are soaring. Devastating wildlires and flood have become more commonplace in Canada and the United States, but politicians like Donald Trump and Doug Ford don’t want to talk about that – certainly not in the context of a climate emergency

“What is radical is doing nothing to take on the existential threat of climate change while the world burns.”                – U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders

By Bernie Sanders, in a recent email to supporters

Posted August 29th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

A Brief Foreword Note from Doug Draper at Niagara At Large –

Read the following from Vermont Senator and former U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and see if you agree with me that when it comes to the climate crisis our world faces, we sure could use more voices in politics like Bernie Sanders here in Canada.

There are way too few at the federal, provincial and municipal levels. We, the people, need to use our votes to do something about that.

Now here is Bernie Sanders –

Bernie Sanders, always telling it like it is. No B.S.!

Sometimes, when you hear a speech, what is NOT said is more important than what is said. 

You wouldn’t know it if you watched the first night of the Republican National Convention, but we are in the middle of a climate emergency with scientists telling us we have just a few years to act in order to save our planet for future generations.

Just look around our country (the United States):

The second and third largest fires in the history of the state of California have burned more than 1.2 million acres in just a month, thousands of homes and businesses have been lost to the blaze, and tens of thousands of people have been forced to flee.

But that is not at all.

In the Gulf Coast, a pair of hurricanes threaten to strike within miles of each other and within a 48-hour period this week, a meteorological event unlike any in modern history.

Billions of dollars worth of corn crops devastated in an unprecedented severe wind storm in Iowa. We will all pay for this in higher food prices, but climate deniers like Trump, Doug Ford in Ontario and Jason Kenney in Alberta will never tell you that. They want to slam any plan to put a price on climate-ravaging carbon pollution – what they silify as a “carbon tax.”

But that too, is not all.

Earlier this month (August) in the Midwest, an 800-mile wide derecho with winds the equivalent of a Category 4 hurricane swept through Iowa and Illinois, causing absolutely catastrophic damage. Homes and businesses were lost. Some estimates say 35 percent of Iowa’s corn was destroyed along with “100 million bushels worth of grain storage and processing infrastructure as well,” according to Iowa’s Secretary of Agriculture. 

There’s more: 

  • July 2020 was the second-hottest month ever recorded on Earth.
  • June 2020 was the second-hottest June of all time.
  • May 2020 was the hottest May of all time.
  • April 2020 was the second-hottest April of all time.
  • March 2020 was the second-hottest March of all time.
  • February 2020 was the second-hottest February of all time.
  • January 2020 was the hottest January of all time.

But was any of this discussed during (the) Republican National Convention? Of course it wasn’t.

There wasn’t a word about climate change, other than to play a video calling me and our ideas “RADICAL.” 

But don’t tell me the Green New Deal is radical. 

What is radical is doing nothing to take on the existential threat of climate change while the world burns.

What is radical is the Trump administration opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling at a time when the arctic is on fire and we face a serious climate emergency in this country and around the world. 

Canada’s God awful tar sands in Alberta – the only industry that province seems interested in moving forward with. Why would Alberta want to diversify its economy? That would make sense and is something beyond Alberta Premier Jason Kenney’s to imagine.

What is radical is doing nothing while scientists tell us very clearly that if we do not act boldly within the next few years in transforming our energy systems away from fossil fuel and into energy efficiency and sustainable energy, the planet we leave our kids and future generations will be increasingly unhealthy and uninhabitable. 

What is radical is making the decision to accept more drought, more famine, more floods, more ocean acidification, more extreme weather disturbances, more disease and more human suffering simply to line the pockets of a few greedy fossil fuel executives. 

Here is the truth: in the midst of everything going on right now, a global pandemic, an economic meltdown, a struggle for racial justice and more, we simply cannot lose sight of the existential threat of climate change which puts at risk the very survival of this planet.

We cannot go far enough or be too aggressive on this issue.

We are living in absolutely unprecedented times that require us to bring forward an unprecedented response. 

I wish I could say we could address our climate crisis with a few tweaks at the edges. But I cannot say that. Now more than ever, we need a Green New Deal to effectively address the existential threat of climate change. So, in my view there are two things we need to do:

  • Step 1: We must defeat Donald Trump. There is simply no way around just how important it is that we beat him this November and beat him badly.
  • Step 2: At the same time, we must elect as many progressive candidates as we possibly can who will fight to pass a Green New Deal.

Now, I cannot do that alone. And over the course of the next few months, our supporters are going to be doing everything possible to generate the largest voter turnout in American history, reaching out to people who might otherwise not be voting. We’re going to be doing virtual rallies and town halls in every battleground state. We’ll be making phone calls, sending text messages, and safely distributing literature throughout communities across this country.

That takes resources, but it is important work that must be done. So today, I am asking:

Can you make a $2.70 contribution to help me elect progressives all across this country who will come into office prepared to treat climate change as the existential threat we know it to be? This is important.

We are custodians of the earth. All of us. And it would be a moral disgrace if we left to future generations a planet and that was unhealthy, unsafe, and uninhabitable. 

So thank you for making your voice heard.

  • In solidarity,  Bernie Sanders

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“A Politician Thinks Of The Next Election. A Leader Thinks Of The Next Generation.” – Bernie Sanders

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