Ford Government on Verge of Hollowing Out Ontario’s Environmental Proteciton Legislation

By this Tuesday, July 21st, Ford’s Mission to gut more of Ontario’s environmental protections through the passage of Bill 197 – the government’s so-called Economic Recovery Act – may be accomplished.

A Message from Ontario Green Party Leader  Mike Shreiner

Posted July 20th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

Ontario Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner

Today (Monday, July 20th) I got my elbows up with the Environment Minister over Bill 197, the so-called _COVID Economic Recovery Act.

In my final Question before the legislature closes for the summer, I asked the government why it is taking another hammer to Ontario’s environmental laws.

Bill 197 tells us everything we need to know about Ford’s Conservatives. Their COVID recovery plan is an environmental destruction plan.

Stop Bill 197

And it gets worse. They are stepping on our democracy to turn Bill 197 into law.

They are fast-tracking debate and skipping public hearings.


The Ford government will have even more power to pick and choose which projects get to skip the environmental assessment process.

It’s an injustice to our planet and to our democracy.

Over and over again, the laws that protect our drinking water, farmland, and endangered species are treated as nothing more than red tape. And Greens are the only ones holding this government accountable.

We need to tell the Premier we don’t stand for this. We need to tell the Premier that protecting the places we love is not red tape.

I promise you that with my one Green vote tomorrow, I will be saying NO to Bill 197. Will you join me?

  • Mike Shreiner, Leader, Green Party of Ontario

To Sign the Ontario Green Party’s letter to the Ford government, urging the government not to gut provincial environmental protection rules, click on –

To watch Green Party leader raise this issue this July 20th in the Ontario legislature, click on the screen below –

For another recent news commentary Niagara At Large posted on this issue, click on –

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