Growing Support to Save Waverly Woods in Niagara

One of the many inhabitants of Waverly Woods near the shores of Lake Erie in Fort Erie, Ontario

Like Thundering Waters in Niagara Falls, this natural heritage gem in Fort Erie, Ontario is one more of our ever fewer green places in Niagara being targeted for Urban Development

A Message from Marcie Jacklin, for the Niagara, Ontario based citizens group Community Voices of Fort Erie

Posted February 24th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

Hello everyone.

I’m thrilled to let you know that we gained over 120 signatures last week mostly from people in St. Catharines and Buffalo who have been to Waverly Woods but didn’t know what was happening.

We now have 5,367 signatures!

Inside Waverly Woods in Fort Erie, Ontario. How many more places like this in our region are we willing to lose in an era of growing wildlife losses and climate crisis?

So what is happening. The Hearing date is set for May 25, 2020. Our experts are busy preparing for the best outcome. 

We have some upcoming events to announce. 

This seminar should be very interesting! Tickets can be purchased herorThis Wednesday Adam Shoats will be speaking at Old Fort Erie. His talk is entitled “History of Canada in 10 Maps: The Siege of Fort Erie.” Adam is an excellent speaker and author. For details on this seminar click on –

A member of a fox family living in Waverly Woods

In March another author who has written 12 books on the War of 1812 will be coming to Ridgeway. Mark your calendar for March 21 at 2 pm. Details coming soon. 

Also mark your calendar for the evening of April 25th for our third Trivia Night. And coming in May our annual garage sale. Details coming soon.

* Donate to help us cover our legal and expert costs at this link send a donation to Community Voices of Fort Erie, P.O. Box 273, Fort Erie, Ontario L2A 2S0. All donations go towards our legal and expert costs.

* Share the petition with others 

Can we get to 5400 signatures by March 1st? 

An alternative is to join our email BLAST list by sending your email and name to

To read one of a number of pieces Niagara At Large has posted on the Waverly Woods issue, click on –

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“A Politician Thinks Of The Next Election. A Leader Thinks Of The Next Generation.” – Bernie Ssanders

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