Surprise, Surprise – Ontario’s Premier Is in Bed with the Auto Insurance Industry

The laugh is on we, the people! Did you vote for up to an 11 per cent hike on your auto insurance premiums?

Doug Ford dings Ontario drivers with another insurance rate hike

Auto Insurance Rates Expected to Soar as High as          11 Per Cent in Ontario 

News from Ontario’s Official Opposition New Democratic Party

Posted February 11th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

QUEEN’S PARKTom Rakocevic, Ontario NDP Auto Insurance critic, released the following statement in response to news that some Ontario drivers will be paying up to 11 per cent more for auto insurance this year as rates continue to climb in the province:

Get your stacks of cash ready, if you have any. More of it needs to go to some of the businesses that fund the Ford Tories’ election campaigns

“It’s wrong for the Ford government to let auto insurers pile on with another rate hike as Ontario drivers struggle to keep up with skyrocketing auto insurance rates.

Adding insult to injury, Doug Ford campaigned on lowering auto insurance rates and he’s turned around and done the exact opposite, driving premiums up and up.

This confirms that there is no relief in sight for Ontarians as Doug Ford’s Conservatives pick up where the Liberals left off.

This guy is there for we, the people?

The Liberals broke their promise to lower auto insurance rates, too, and now the Ford government is allowing auto insurers to gouge drivers in this province even more.

Instead of throwing up roadblocks to the solutions, this government needs to revisit the NDP’s proposals to cap the profit margins of auto insurers and end postal code discrimination.”

A Brief Comment on this from Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper –

So much for Doug Ford calling this Ontario Conservative government a “government for the people.”

The last laugh is on we, the people

Let me ask you something? Did you vote for Doug Ford or any of his Conservative candidates across this province?

If you are one of those who did, then I don’t believe that any of the rest of us who didn’t should hear a single peep, in the way of a complaint, from you about any big hike you get slapped with from auto insurance companies, or anything else you might have to say about cuts in services to health care, education or any other public service.

In fact if there were some way of making only those who voted for Ford and company suffer the service cuts and pay the hike in auto insurance, please do it. It only seems fair and they should be proud to shoulder whatever costs to their lives and pocketbooks fall on them.

In the meantime, spare us any whining now from Ford voters.

 To read a CBC report on this, click on —

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One response to “Surprise, Surprise – Ontario’s Premier Is in Bed with the Auto Insurance Industry

  1. I found myself thinking about Peter Kormos and his fight for a low-cost provincial auto insurance program. Alas, that was a long time ago…


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