Niagara’s Conservation Authority begins the New Year with a New CAO, a New Chair and a New Vice-Chair

NPCA’s Board of Directors Holds Its 2020 Annual General Meeting at Balls Fall’s Conservation Centre

January 15th Meeting is First for Chandra Sharma as NPCA’s new CAO, and first for Board Members Brenda Johnson of Hamilton and Bruce Mackenzie of Grimsby in their new roles as Chair and Vice-Chair, Respectively

A News Release from the Niagara PeninsulaConservation Authority 

Posted Jauary 15th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) held its Annual General Meeting of 2020 at its Ball’s Falls Centre for Conservation.

Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority’s new CAO Chandra Sharma, left), and the new Chair of the NPCA’s board of directors, at the table during the Conservaton Authority’s 2020 Annual General Meeting this January 15th. An NPCA photo

The Business portion of the meeting was called to order by CAO, Chandra Sharma, who conducted the election of officers for 2020. Ward 11 Councillor for the City of Hamilton, Brenda Johnson, was elected as Chair, and Board Member for Grimsby, Mr. Bruce Mackenzie was elected as Vice-Chair.

NPCA’s new board Chair, Hamilton City Councillor Brenda Johnson

“I am very appreciative to the Board of Directors for their confidence and allowing me to do this job for the next year and I look forward to working more closely with the amazing staff at the NPCA, including our new CAO,” says Brenda Johnson, NPCA Board Chair.

“Our former Chair Dave Bylsma and Vice Chair Diana Huson have taken us through very challenging times, and they have my utmost admiration for the work they have done. We have dealt with the past and I am looking forward to a brighter future and focusing on today and what we can do tomorrow.”

Chair Brenda Johnson has past experience working for Environment Hamilton. In 2019, she was elected as the City of Hamilton’s Ward 11 Councillor and is presently serving her third term in council. She joined the NPCA Board in January 2019.

Brenda Johnson replaces West Lincoln Mayor David Bylsma as NPCA board Chair. Bylsma recently a target of public protest over his views on the science around the causes of climate change. Bylsma continues to sit as one of 21 NPCA board members.

Chandra Sharma, NPCA CAO. “Both of our newly elected officials bring a wealth of experience, and I look forward to working with our progressive Board of Directors and exceptional staff.”

“I am eager to help carry this organization forward, building on the strong foundation that was established through the hard work of Chair Bylsma and Vice Chair Huson,” adds Chandra Sharma, NPCA CAO. “Both of our newly elected officials bring a wealth of experience, and I look forward to working with our progressive Board of Directors and exceptional staff.”

The next meeting for the Board of Directors is the first Full Authority Meeting of 2020 on Wednesday, February 19 at Ball’s Falls Centre for Conservation. NPCA will continue to live stream all meetings at .

NPCA board member for Grimsby, a long-time conservation activist and nature enthusiast, is the board’s new Vice-Chair. He replaces Pelham regional councillor and board member Diana Huson in that position.

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About NPCA –  The NPCA manages the impact of human activities, urban growth, and rural activities on the Niagara Peninsula watershed with programs and services that help keep people and their property safe from flooding and erosion, while retaining the safety of our drinking water.

NPCA manages 42 Conservation Areas, including Ball’s Falls, Binbrook, Long Beach and Chippawa Creek. These lands are held in public trust for recreation, heritage preservation, conservation, and education. NPCA’s Conservation Areas marry nature, culture and adventure to create limitless opportunities for discovery.

To watch the video hansard of NPCA’s January 15th, 2020 Annual General Meeting, featuring the board’s voting and appointment of a new Chair and Vice-Chair, click on the screen below

Niagara At Large reporter Doug Draper will post his take on these new developments at the NPCA in a news commentary to be posted on NAL  in the hours ahead.  

Stay Tuned.

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