Linda Ronstadt’s Iconic Singing Career is Immortalized in a Moving Film Documentary

Watch ‘Linda Ronstadt – The Sound of My Voice’ on Cable TV, this Saturday, January 4th at 9 p.m. (updated)

“Linda was like the queen. She was like what Beyoncé is now.”~ Bonnie Raitt, another legendary singer and musician, and a good friend of Linda Ronstadt

By Doug Draper, an incurable Linda Ronstadt fan

Posted December 31st, 2019 on Niagara At Large

If you are as much of a fan of legendary pop singer Linda Ronstadt as I am, and you have access to cable television on New Year’s Day, here is something I am sure you would enjoy.

This Saturday January 4st, at 9 p.m. on CNN, the network will be broadcasting on TV screens for one of the first times (the first broadcast was this past January 1st) a full-length film documentary it produced this outgoing year called “Linda Ronstadt – The Sound of My Voice.”

I was fortunate enough to see this documentary on the big screen, at a repertory theatre on Cape Cod, Massachusetts last September, with a full house of film goers who broke out in spontaneous applause as the final credits began to roll.

Linda Ronstadt, early in her career, in the studio

Directed by Rob Epstein, who earlier on, in 1984, directed the highly-acclaimed, Academy Award-winning documentary ‘The Times of Harvey Milk’, the documentary on Linda Ronstadt follows her career from the late 1960s, through hits like ‘Different Drum’ and ‘Long, Long Time’, and continued through the 1970s and beyond when hits like ‘You’re No Good’, ‘Blue Bayou’, and her version of The Eagles’ ‘Desperado’ and Chuck Berry’s ‘Back in the U.S.A’, made her one of the most popular and best-selling singers of all time.

Linda Ronstadt, now 73, unfortunately had to retire from singing in 2009, after she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and her golden voice began to fray.

Yet all of the power of that voice returns in this moving documentary that features a woman whose talent and determination, combined with her intelligence and courage allowed her to control the trajectory of a remarkable career in a recording industry contaminated with corporatists and big money.

Tune in to the documentary about this icon pop artist if you can and check out a trailer for the film immediately below –

Meanwhile, you may have heard that Linda Ronstadt made a few headlines earlier this December when she, along with American actress Sally Field, and the great R&B and funk band Earth, Wind and Fire and a few others were honoured for their achievements in the arts at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

Linda Ronstadt (left) and actress Sally Field, earlier this December 2019, on the evening they where honoured for their achievements in the arts at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

At a dinner, hosted by Trump’s sycophantic Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, before the Kennedy Center event, Sally Field, who along with the others, was invited to the podium to say a few words, happened to mention, in so many words,  that America is living in an era where truth seems to be up for grabs.

Pompeo, in return, responded to what Field said with the words in the title of one of Ronstadt’s biggest hits, ‘When Will I Be Loved’, before Ronstadt used a few seconds during her time at the podium to tell he that maybe he will “when he stops enabling Donald Trump.”

Good for Linda Ronstadt for scoring a big hit again. Long may you and your great body of music live on!

 To read a story on Linda Ronstadt’s words to U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, click on .

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For more on the Linda Ronstadt documentary and its scheduled airing this Wednesday, January 1st , 2020 on CNN, click on the CNN website at – .

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One response to “Linda Ronstadt’s Iconic Singing Career is Immortalized in a Moving Film Documentary

  1. Gary Screaton Page

    Linda Ronstadt’s music has brought pleasure to millions. Yet, most touching was her recent interview on CBS Sunday Morning, when she talked about her form of Parkinson’s. “Acceptance,” she said was essential. Then she made clear by her forthrightness, about how the disease has impacted her career and her daily living, that while she has Parkinson’s, she is not defined by it. Her’s were brutally honest words that reflected significance courage, appreciation of life, and were a great encouragement to those of us who also live with Parkinson’s. We are not Parkinson’s; we have it — actually, it has us — but we can still choose how we will respond in our attitude. Life is still worth living! And, we still have Linda Ronstadt’s legacy of great music to enjoy.


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