Here Is a Chance to Watch Two Climate Crusaders and Champions for Our Planet

A Video of Activists Naomi Klein from Canada and Greta Thunberg from Sweden, on Stage in New York, September 10th, 2019, and brought to us by the award-winning international news organization, The Intercept

A Foreword from Niagara At Large reporter and publisher             Doug Draper

Posted September 15th, 2019 on Niagara At Large

Climate activists Greta Thunberg and Naomi Klein. Photo downloaded from Twitter

Long-time Canadian activist, journalist and best-selling book writer Naomi Klein and 16-year-old Swedish activist extraordinaire Greta Thunberg, who has almost single handedly kindled a world-wide youth movement to address what is a full-blown climate emergency we face today, are heroes of mine.

And I hope they become heroes of yours too, if they are not already.

But more than that, I hope that their  words and actions inspire all of us to exercise the intelligence, forsight and moral fortitude to act decisively now to make the changes necessary to save the life-sustaining resources of this great earth of ours for ourselves and our children.

Here are Naomi Klein and Greta Thunberg together recently, sharing their concerns, their call for action and their vision for a better future, all ahead of a major United Nations gathering later this September for a summit on climate action  in New York.

Their appearance also predates public strikes being organized by individuals and groups of people – young and old and many in between – around the world this September 20th and 27th to build the push for climate action now

Click on the screen below to watch and share it around using the hashtag #ourclimatefuture –

Before we leave you, here is a link to a commentary posted on Niagara At Large this past September 9th on the need to make the environment a major issue in Canada’s October 21st federal election –

In response to that September 9th commentary, one of Niagara At Large’s regular readers and commenters on issues discussed and debated on this site, shared the following comment that I believe is worth repeating here. –  

By Linda McKellar, Fort Erie, Ontario –

The climate should be PRIORITY ONE!  What good is a booming economy if you can’t breathe the air or drink the water (if you even have any) or your home burns in a forest fire or gets washed away by flooding?  

For those who complain about immigration now, how many people will be clamoring to leave their native lands simply for water, food and safety?  Will we have to fight for food on empty shelves as happens in some places? Do we want our future generations to suffer such a dystopian society? 

I was shocked at the obviously coordinated onslaught of hate videos that have suddenly appeared on line against Greta Thunberg.

The world is in urgent need of  more environmental champions like 16-year-old Greta Thunberg

They call an intelligent and idealistic 16 year old (climate activist from Sweden) everything from “retarded” to “mentally ill” to ugly, creepy, in need of an exorcism…and worse.  What the hell does her appearance have to do with her message?  

They claim her’s is a mental illness. It is NOT a mental illness and she is obviously very intelligent! There is no vile moniker that they will not use against her.

Sometimes, for fear of being accused of attacking a child, they attack her peripherally by trying to discredit her family and supporters or her cause itself.  


Why does a little girl frighten the crap out of people who make such vile comments? Why do they say such things?  

There is only one reason.  

Her message is a threat to them (or whoever is paying them). They must be feeling really stupid that a girl with Asperger’s is smarter than them, accomplishing such things and doing so multilingually! 

Many say, what does a child understand? Remember Malala Yousafzi? Big, strong men shot her for wanting an education. She now has a Nobel and is attending Oxford. Where are her attackers?

There is a lesson to be learned about her and Greta. Young people are not stupid and can change the world for the better. 

One chump who is maligning her is Ezra Levant (who has been labeled the Canadian Steve Bannon…there’s a clue) ….the guy who has been sued for libel, accused the University of Alberta with racism because it had an affirmative action program to help native people and women, and also wrote a book about the benefits of fracking.  

I wonder who he works for.  His career for Sun TV in Canada flopped so now he has a new format to spread disinformation Rebel News;. IMO it is just a hate mongering propaganda channel akin to Alex Jones and Rush Limp****.  

In the past, he would likely have been a snake oil salesman. One of his first sentences about Greta was  not mocking her and then he immediately called her creepy.

Perhaps we should start a Go Fund Me to buy him a mirror. Ah yes, there are paid trolls who are working for the fossil fuel giants and multinationals … people like Trump, Ford and Sheer.

They know her message is true so if you can’t destroy the message, destroy the messenger. The toxic messages of such clowns are spreading and Canada is not immune.

I’ve been seeing the hate mongering in Canada on line for months due to the up-coming election.  

Don’t believe the tripe and diversions, seek the facts and don’t sit on your butts thinking your vote doesn’t matter.

Vote for the lesser of evils if you must.

Vote as if your life depends on it. It just might.

A Footnote from Niagara At Large – 

Naomi Klein’s brand new book on the climate crisis is coming out soon and just in time for Canada’s federal election. Please consider getting a copy and reading it.

For more on the award-winning, international news organization, The Intercept, click on –

Greta Thunberg is inspiring young people around the world (and even some of their parents and grandparents) to join the fight for our planet’s future.

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“A politician thinks of the next election. a leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders

One response to “Here Is a Chance to Watch Two Climate Crusaders and Champions for Our Planet

  1. Good for you, Linda — I couldn’t agree more! And I love the fact that Greta has inspired young people across the globe to stand up and demand real action on climate change. In Canada, we’re hearing plenty of rhetoric about how various parties have or will address the climate crisis…but almost all still support fossil fuel production.


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