Ontario Ford Government’s Carbon Tax Propaganda Ridiculed By Left, Right And Centre

Celebrity Scientist Bill Nye’s viral video mocks Critics of Carbon Pricing

‘Ontario’s Auditor General came out recently and said the (Ford government’s anti-carbon tax) ads would never have passed an independent review] for advertising standards because they neglect to “include all the relevant facts.”’

News from Canadians for Tax Fairness, a non-profit public advocacy organization based in Ottawa, Ontario

Posted May 27th, 2019 on Niagara At Large

Ontario Premier Doug Ford slamming four-to-five cent per litre price on carbon pollution – what Ford and his cronies call a  “carbon tax” – that the federal government has put on gasoline.  as one way to address the climate emergency peoples around the globe are facing.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s anti-carbon tax campaign  is coming under fire from pundits of all political stripes.

The PCs launched their anti-tax crusade last month to protest the federal government’s carbon pricing system.

Highlights of the campaign have so far included television commercials and mandatory stickers at gas pumps falsely claiming the pricing measures will hurt Canadians despite non-partisan studies that have indicated otherwise.

Ontario’s Auditor General came out recently and said the ads would never have passed an independent review] for advertising standards because they neglect to “include all the relevant facts.” The AG also came down on the PCs for using the ads to criticize another level of government while presenting their own in a positive light.

Ford government is threatening to charge gas stations of to $10,000 in fines if they don’t put this sticker on their pumps for all to see.

The province’s AG isn’t the only one who feels that way the editorial board of every major newspaper in Canada chimed in on the PCs’ problematic campaign. Enjoy Doug Ford’s feel-bad movie of the summer  you paid for it the Globe wrote.

Doug Ford’s anti-carbon tax stickers hit a new low, penned the Star. Even  the Sun  took a punch: Ford’s party should pay for partisan ads.

Then there were the social media responses.

This Hour Has 22 Minutes summed it up nicely with a tweet: “Ontario launches anti-carbon-tax TV ads paid for by taxpayers. Yes they’re taking Ontarians’ money to tell them someone else is taking their money.”

Here is the 22 Minutes tweet – 

But it was a video by American celebrity scientist Bill Nye the Science Guy  that really lit things up this week. Though not in direct response to

Ford’s anti-carbon tax campaign, Nye’s message was aimed at climate change skeptics and critics of carbon pricing plans around the globe. In the now viral video, a normally polite and reserved Nye makes generous use of the f-word to emphasize that the planet is on fire and there is no such thing as a “free” solution.

To watch Bill Nye, the Science Guy’, delivering a slightly censured version of the presentation discussed in this post (this out-take from the cable networks MSNBC and HBO’s John Oliver show, click on the screen below (although the guy who really needs to watch this is Doug Ford). –

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One response to “Ontario Ford Government’s Carbon Tax Propaganda Ridiculed By Left, Right And Centre

  1. Linda McKellar

    Thank you Bill Nye!

    I’ll gladly pay the tax.


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