Sign a Petition Against Ford’s Cuts to Ontario Student Assistance Plan

A Brief Note from Doug Draper at Niagara At Large

Posted January 19th, 2019 on Niagara At Large

Do you notice yet how Doug Ford – – Ontario’s college drop-out, buck-a-beer guzzling premier – and his self-described “Government for the People” don’t seem to my pandering to aging baby boomers and other more senior supporters out there, all while they  relentlessly go on cutting and gutting  programs for younger people and for whatever may be left of a quality future for young people on on this plane.

Cheaper gas and beer sure seem to hit the spot for Ford’s aging supporters across the province – far more so than an affordable education and a clean environment for young people.

Ford is all for cutting taxes on carbon fuels that are wreaking havoc on our atmosphere, oceans and climate – all so that Bob and Bonnie Baby Boomer, who seemed to forget about saving for their retirement while they were buying plastic toys all their adult lives, can save a few pennies on a litre of gas while they driving their four-wheel monster mobile to the shopping mall.

But to hell with younger people and any opportunity they have for an affordable education, secure jobs with a living wage, and a planet that is liveable, long after Bob and Bonnie are no longer over-burdening our health care system and have made their final exit.

In that spirit, this aging journalist from the baby boomer generation is pleased re-post the following petition, originally only a posted on by a young person from Windsor, Ontario named Rianne Kan. At the time of its posting, it has already been signed by more than 16,000 people and counting.

Don’t let the Ford government’s t announcement this past January 17th to cut tuition fees for college and university by 10 per cent across the board fool you. That announcement is nothing more than a distracting and deceptive Trojan horse full of cuts at the post-secondary education level that are going to hurt students from lower-income homes the most.

I urge to read the short preamble to the petition below, then click on the link to add your name and a comment on it if you wish, and share it with all of your friends and associates on social media.

I also urge you to search for the contact information for your MPP (provincial member of parliament) and the Premier, and insist that the cuts to the Ontario Students Assistance Plan (OSAP) and other programs for making a quality education affordable for all in Ontario be dropped, along with a host of other initiatives underway by this Ford government to compromise the future for Ontario’s young people.

Now here is the preamble for the petition –  

Ontario’s PC government has eliminated free-tuition for low-income families; making it more difficult to qualify for OSAP and terminating the much needed 6-month interest-free grace period after graduating.

This will not only hurt Ontario’s students but, the Universities and colleges. Sign this petition to help stop this.

To Sign the Petition and Share it with others online, click on – .

To read another recent post that Niagara At Large put up on this issue, click on – .

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“A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders

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