This Canada Day, Maybe Our Prime Minister Should Make Like His Dad And Tell Trump To ‘GO FUDDLE DDUDDLE

A Canada Day Commentary by Doug Draper

Posted July 1st, 2018 on Niagara At Large

Some of you may remember the time when Canada’s first Prime Minister Trudeau – scrappy old Pierre – responded to some hecklers in the federal legislature with words we could not clearly hear, but upon reading his lips, looked clearly like he had just fired them off the F-bomb.

Trump, hardly for the first time, giving our prime minister the look.

When one of the hecklers dared him to repeat what he had said, he told them that he had said “fuddle duddle” – an episode that launched a whole cottage industry of t-shirts with the words ‘fuddle duddle” on them, and that reminded the world that this was one national leader that was not going to be messed around with.

That scrappy little id inside me – the part of us we always have to work to control check when some bully or creep throws mud in our face – says it is well past time our current prime minister, Justin Trudeau, stop trying to be so civil and nice with Trump and just flat out, in front of the world, tell him to go fuddle duddle.

After all, here is a president who has openly called our prime minister a “weak” and “dishonest” leader of a country that is “freeloading” and cheating his country, and has sent his goons out to say even worse, right up to declaring that there is a “special place in hell” for Canada’s prime minister.

All this, while Trump continues playing kissy face with blood-soaked dictators and strongmen who rule some of the most oppressive and brutal regimes in the world – including North Korean leader Kim Jong Un who, according to detailed reports from international humanitarian organizations, runs prison and torture camps approaching the horror of those in Nazi-occupied Europe before and during the Second World War.

Yet while Canada’s prime minister should burn in hell, Trump has developed what, in his own words, he calls a “terrific relationship” and “very strong bond” Kim Jong Un who, only months ago, was calling “little rocket man” and goading with over who has the biggest nuclear button.

Canada’s Trudeau can burn in hell, while the murderous dictator in North Korea gets a thumb’s up

Russia’s Vladimir Putin is a swell fellow too who Trump insists, for the second time now as he prepares for another summit with the former Soviet KGB man, played no role in meddling in U.S. elections despite mountains of evidence American intelligence agencies have reported to the contrary

But there is “special place in hell” for the prime minister of a country that has been a strong ally and trading partner with the United States for more the better part of a century and a half and that sent young people to Afghanistan to the fight and die, alongside American troops, after 9/11 and that, in the hours after the 911 attacks, welcomed thousands of stranded commercial airline passengers from the U.S. into our homes.

So maybe a fuddle duddle to Trump from our prime minister is in order, but then maybe it is not.

Could they be whispering about that big hotel tower Trump has dreamed about building in Moscow?

Do we really want to see Justin Trudeau lower himself to the same level as Trump, who so obviously thrives in a swamp he has not only failed to drain, but has allowed to go septic?

While the id inside me wants to hear fuddle duddle, I am reminded of a few recent lines I read in a column by a distinguished American columnist, Clarence Page, that reads as follows –

“As former Republican political consultant Steve Schmidt, who recently left the Grand Old Party to protest Trump’s immigration policies once said, tussling with Trump is like wrestling with a pig; ‘ You both get dirty and the pig enjoys it.’”

I am also reminded of my recent trip to visit friends in Massachusetts where so many people I met – when they found out one way or another that I was a Canadian – condemned Trump’s attacks on Canada and its prime minister.

For whatever reason, many of these Americans seemed angrier about it than Canadians. They were falling over themselves to apologies for the bile coming from the monster in the Oval Office even though, along with a majority of their fellow citizens in a decidedly liberal state in America that has a progressive named Elizabeth Warner for a senator, did not vote for Trump and can hardly wait for the day when he is thrown out of office.

A number of them also told me that, regardless of who many gripes Canadians may at this point have with Justin Trudeau, they’d gladly rather have him for a leader for what they see as his aura of decency alone.

So maybe our country and our prime minister – for our own sake and for our reputation around the world – is better staying away from Trump’s pig pen, and doing what we are doing now – hitting back with tariffs that target regions of the United States that support trump, and working to buy and sell products with countries and Europe and elsewhere, with leaders that are more democratic and stable and don’t want to wall off the rest of the world.

Many of the same Americans I met on my trip fear that Trump may prevail to serve a second term in power, and that things in their country are only going to get worse.

With that in mind, our Canada would do well to shift away from the United States as a major ally and trading partner and forge relations with other more friendly nations around the world.

Something to think about on this Canada Day and the 151st birthday of our confederation.

–         Doug Draper

Finally here is a recent clip of Bill Maher on his show Real Time on HBO, saying some kind words about Canada before Comparing Trump and Justin Trudeau –

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“A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders

3 responses to “This Canada Day, Maybe Our Prime Minister Should Make Like His Dad And Tell Trump To ‘GO FUDDLE DDUDDLE

  1. Sheila Krekorian

    The “Justin and Donald” bit is hilarious!


  2. Gotta love Bill Maher! This proud Canadian is glad that my Prime Minister is taking the high road and not rolling around in the Republican pig pen.


  3. Ginette Iviney

    Trump wouldn’t get the sarcasm. Better to say one thing to his face and go one’s own way after. Or better,ignore him: that would really annoy him.


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