Niagara Centre’s Federal Liberal Rep is  Proud of  “Put People First” Budget

A Message from Niagara Centre MP Vance Badawey on the new Federal Budget

Posted February 28th, 2018 on Niagara At Large

Niagara Centre MP and federal Vance Badawey

Ottawa, Ontario – Vance Badawey, Member of Parliament for Niagara Centre, is proud of Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s Budget 2018, a spending plan that will develop a $150 billion boost to economic productivity by 2026 by bringing more women into the workforce, with money for new parental support, gender equality, and pay equity.

Entitled Equality + Growth, A Strong Middle Class, the third budget of the Justin Trudeau mandate, today’s spending plan is about fairness, a long-term plan to impact our changing demographic, and “the single largest investment into research and development in our history,” Badawey said.

For example, the new Strategic Innovation Fund will move away from supporting smaller projects to support larger projects that can lead to significant job creation and shared prosperity for Canadians – locally, aligning with strategic initiatives in Niagara.

“Our budget is great news for entrepreneurs in Niagara,” he said. “It builds on work done by Niagara business incubators and innovation programs at Brock University, Niagara College and Innovate Niagara.”

“ We all know the strength and significance of entrepreneurs in our riding, and how they are one local frame of the big national picture of 600,000 + new jobs in our country since our government took office.”

“Our unemployment rate is at the lowest it’s been in 40 years,” Badawey noted.

Canada now leads all G7 countries in economic growth. “We do that by putting people first, by investing in people, in women, in families. That’s the key to this budget. It strikes a good balance, attaching programs to all people.”

“How we tap into the new funding is important for Niagara Centre, particularly Federal Economic Development Canada (Southern Ontario), in which this budget has included $920 million in new funding.”

“This continues to be one funding envelope that, while working with our partners, we have been successful in bringing over $340-million to Niagara Centre in the past two years, working together toward common goals.”

Badawey noted other major and positive components to the budget include an increase to the Guaranteed Income Supplement, “great for our seniors,” a national pharmacare program, “great for families,” a refundable tax credit to supplement the earnings of low-income workers, a stronger Canada Child Benefit, and a new program to support independent local journalism, “great for everyone.”

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