All Fired Up To Rally, Resist & Impeach – More Signs Of Our Times

Million of Americans are Standing Up to the Trump Destruction Machine. They Very Much Deserve and Need Our Support

A Brief Commentary by Doug Draper

Posted January 21st, 2018 on Niagara At Large

Signs of Our Times – Carried across the border in New York and other states this January 20-21st weekend by millions resisting the dangerous policies of Trump

I have continued to hear many of my fellow Canadians over the past 12 months since Trump was sworn in as Twitter-in-Chief in the country across the border make sweeping statements about Americans because of Trump.

“How can they be so stupid,” is one of the lines I so often hear Canadians say of Americans.

It is as if to say that most, if not   all Americans are ignorant and are racist.

It is as if to say that they are  filled with as much contempt for press, the judiciary and other democratic institutions, and as much fear and hate for people of colour as Trump and a base of supporters, largely made up of  white supremacists, evangelical Christians who are so far out that they view the Pope of the Catholic Church as the anti-Christ, and billionaire bagmen who would total the planet to drill for the last drop of oil.

Yet many of us in Canada – this Canadian included – who continue to keep in touch with friends and relatives in the United States know that many millions of people in that country – possibly even a majority – are sick to death with what they see happening around them at the small hands of Trump and this base of ‘deplorables’ that, as much of a minority of the total population  that it is, is still large enough to scare many U.S. politicians into supporting policies and conduct that once violated almost everything , if not every single thing, their parties once claimed to stand for.

Countless hundreds of thousands of those sick-to-death Americans filled the streets of cities and towns across their country this January 20th – the first and hopefully last anniversary of  the Trump presidency – to protest the clear and present danger this screwball and his base of crazies pose to their country and the rest of the world.

Those Americans – for their sake and for ours, and for the health of a planet we all share and depend on for our very lives – need our support, not our derision.

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 “A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders


One response to “All Fired Up To Rally, Resist & Impeach – More Signs Of Our Times

  1. Gail Benjafield

    So many protests, so many hashtags, so many Social Media comments, and little seems to change. I despair. I am glad others are more positive.


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