One of the Pioneering Giants of Rock & Roll Is Gone – Fats Domino 1928-2017

A Brief One from Doug Draper

Posted October 25th, 2017 on Niagara At Large

Along with Jerry Lee Lewis and  Little Richard, he was one of the last bonifide pioneers of the music that became known around the world as Rock & Roll, until we got the news this Wednesday, October 25th.

The piano playing singer and songwriter from New Orleans, who became legendary for such 1950s hits as Blueberry Hill, Ain’t That A Shame, I’m Ready, Whole Lotta Lovin’ I’m Walkin and so many others, was 89 and passed away just months after another founding giant of the music, Chuck Berry, died in his 90th year.

For those who may be way too young to remember Fats Domino in his prime and the impact he had on the world of music, you just need to know one thing. Without him and Chuck Berry, and Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard and Elvis Presley and a handful of others who broke out in the mid-1950s, there would have been  no Beatles, no Rolling Stones, no Bruce Springsteen, no Tom Petty, no Clash and no Gord Downie and Tragically Hip.

There are a lot of things that are complicated in this world and hard to parse down, but that is an easy one. They started the whole rockin thing, period, and all of the greats who followed from The Beatles to Bono knew it and said it.

And for that, Fats deserves a place in the hearts and prayers of every single one of us who ever bopped to the sound of a Rock  record.

R.I.P. Fats.  You were an original and can never be replaced.

P.S. – If you want one could set of Fat Domino songs, try to find the 2 CD set on Primo Records called Fats Domino – Essential Hits and Early Recordings. I know they carry it at Sunrise Records at the Pen Centre in St. Catharines on the Niagara, Ontario side of the border and I don’t know where you would easily find it in the Buffalo, New York area now that Record Theatre is gone.

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3 responses to “One of the Pioneering Giants of Rock & Roll Is Gone – Fats Domino 1928-2017

  1. Loved “Fats” Antoine Domino. Walkin’ to New Orleans, Ain’t that a Shame. I’m Walkin’, Whole Lotta’ among many… and my fave….I’ve been Around. Imitated but never duplicated. A fusion of New Orleans Jazz, Cajun, Blues and R&R. Who can replace these great innovators we’re losing?


  2. BTW – He was in the very first class of inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


  3. The death of the great Fats Domino is another heartbreak, coming on the heels of the loss of Tom Petty. Another must-have fabulous 2 CD set is “Goin’ Home: A Tribute to Fats Domino”. His music is recorded by 30 legendary artists including Tom Petty. This CD was released after Hurricane Katrina during which Fats was rescued by helicopter after it was thought that he had perished during the storm. Proceeds from the recording went to help revitalize Fats Domino’s Lower 9th Ward neighborhood and to benefit the programs of Tipitina’s Foundation (which is a not-for-profit charity organization) which is restoring Louisiana’s unique musical cultures and empowering the youth of the city to learn music.This is where the new innovators are coming from!
    For more info on the Foundation go to and also check out this video about Fats and the making of the “Goin Home” CD.

    Fats Domino was a blessing and his music lives on in hearts everywhere.


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