Alliance for the Great Lakes Releases New Report on ‘Rescuing Lake Erie’

Great Lakes Citizens Alliance calls on all of us to press our provincial/state governments for action

A Message from the Alliance for the Great Lakes

Posted October 12th, 2017 on Niagara At Large

This past Tuesday, October 10th, we released our new report, Rescuing Lake Erie: An Assessment of Progress.

What is washing up along some of the shores of Lake Erie

We asked the question: what is being done to clean up Lake Erie? I just presented our findings in a national webinar, and it’s not good. The governments of Ohio, Michigan, and Ontario have been slow to address the toxic algae problem plaguing Lake Erie. This is unacceptable.

With a thick, slimy layer of bright green algae covering the shores of western Lake Erie and putting people’s health at risk, we need you to tell your governor: the Lake Erie crisis is an urgent problem, and it requires urgent action.

The time to act is now. Millions of people rely on Lake Erie for drinking water, not to mention recreation, economic opportunity and quality of life in coastal communities.

The governors and premiers are meeting next week in Detroit, and we need your help to get Lake Erie to the top of their agenda. We just delivered thousands of petition signatures calling for action to clean up Lake Erie. Call your governor today—tell them to act now to clean up Lake Erie and keep our water safe.

Thank you,

Molly Flanagan Vice President for Policy

P.S. For a recap of today’s webinar, check out our latest blog post — complete with the full report, executive summary fact sheets that map out the issue, and a recording of the presentation.

Toxic algae bloom moving in on Lake Erie shoreline

Protect Lake Erie – Keep Our Water Safe

Three years ago, a shocking event occurred: Toledo, a major Great Lakes city, had to ban drinking the water supply it draws from the lakes for two and half days. A few weeks later residents of Pelee Island, Ontario faced a similar ban that lasted nearly two weeks.

Lake Erie – and every Great Lake – ought to be clean and safe for all people, not so polluted that it is a threat to our health and our regional economy.

Call your Governor, demand leadership to clean up Lake Erie

Great Lakes  governors and premiers are meeting on October 20th. We need your help to get Lake Erie to the top of their agenda. We’ve sent thousands of petition signatures to Ohio Governor John Kasich, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne. They owe the public a report on progress and what next steps will be taken to cleanup Lake Erie.

Call your governor and tell them that stopping runoff pollution must be a priority. Lake Erie is in crisis, and regional leaders must take the following steps to protect our water:

  • Completely ban manure and fertilizer spreading on frozen or saturated ground,
  • Require comprehensive nutrient reduction plans by all farms in the Lake Erie basin that result in clean, not polluted, water coming off of farm fields, and
  • Improve water quality monitoring of the waterways flowing into Lake Erie.

If you’re calling from Canada:

Unfortunately, this platform does not service Canada. Please call the office of Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario, directly at 416-325-1941. 

Share the following link, containing contact information for the Ontario government and U.S. governors around Lake Erie, with others who may want to join the campaign for action on Lake Erie pollution  –

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