Legendary American Folksingers Raise A Voice for Trump’s Impeachment

Posted by Doug Draper on Niagara At Large

February 27th, 2017

For at least as far back as one of the first great marches on Washington for civil rights in 1963, and the the anti-war and environmental movements going back to killing fields of Vietnam and the first Earth Day in 1970, the folk-singing trio Peter, Paul and Mary was always there, singing songs and raising a voice for a better life for people on this planet.

Peter, Paul and Mary in their early years, performing at the 1963 March on Washington where Martin Luther King delivered his iconic 'I Have a Dream' speech

Peter, Paul and Mary in their early years, performing at the 1963 March on Washington where Martin Luther King delivered his iconic ‘I Have a Dream’ speech

Mary Travers may now be gone – she passed away eight years ago – but Peter Yarrow and Paul Stookey are still at it, this time going viral on YouTube with a song performed by Paul with an introductory statement from Peter.

That lyrics to the song, sung to the music of the late Nat King Cole’s classic hit ‘Unforgettable’, are all about Trump in the White House and it is called “Impeachable,” which would most certainly be music to the ears of many Americans I know.

‘People have been wondering what folksinger/activists, some of them septuagenarians like Noel Paul Stookey and me, might be doing in the face of the current cataclysmic challenges to our democracy and our nation,” Paul’s old mate Peter says in the introduction.

“The answer is simple: we are going to keep on keeping on. We inherited a legacy from Woody, Pete Seeger and the Weavers and many others who inspired us. They never quit, never stopped and never stopped advocating. Doing so is “in our blood” and it’s a great gift to both Noel and me, as it would be to Mary – were she still to be with us. She would join, even (or maybe especially) at our advanced age, the current advocacies that ‘hammer out a warning’, ‘ring out danger’ and ‘sing about the love between our brothers and our sisters’.”

“No, we’ve not ‘gone away’.  We, and others who also come from the folk music/activist tradition, are solidly committed to using our music to generate community and consensus at our concerts and at gatherings and demonstrations to confront the most dangerous of challenges now threatening our country. …” – In solidarity and love, Peter.

In that spirit, you can see and hear Paul Stookey perform “Impeachable” by clicking here –

.Here also is a text of the lyrics –

Impeachable, that’s what you are…
Impeachable, and yet so far…
You’ve avoided closer scrutiny
And even though Vlad-i-mer Putin, he
Opens many doors, it only makes you more…

Impeachable, and when, some day
We can say ‘you’re fired’ and you go away
You may have thought you were unreachable (but) history makes some moments teachable:
Someday Pence may be impeachable too

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 “A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders



2 responses to “Legendary American Folksingers Raise A Voice for Trump’s Impeachment

  1. Love it, love his sly smile and he still has the pipes!


  2. Robert McMaster

    It is the “Old Folkies” like Peter, Paul and the late Mary, Bob Dylan, Tom Paxton, Pete Seeger and so many others, big name and small,, that walked in the Marches with Martin Luther King, sang in protest in concert halls and college campuses, on the steps of state and federal buildings against the Vietnam War, the ones who saw the destruction of the environment looming, even back in the 1960’s and70’S, the ones who felt it then , saw more of it coming and see it for what it is now, that are the first to step forward, or up on stage, to repeat the old message “The sky is REALLY FALLING” and “The KING has NO CLOTHES”.

    They have been pushed, berated, scorned and arrested before… in the past… for trying to get the truth out to the public. The know the feelings, the hurt, the pain, the loss of work, because they could be black listed for saying what needs to be said, “THE TRUTH”. Sometimes done in sad ballads of wow, sometimes in comical or happy sounding tunes, But always with a message, a message of “FREEDOM” , of PEACE”, of “HOPE”.

    Words and Music are powerful weapons that can be used for GOOD for JUSTICE and for PEACE. And at this time, a time as bad as, if not worse than the worst days of War Protests and Freedom Marches. These are the times that could not only enslave a race of people but an entire nation or a complete World.

    The would and it’s governments have been taken over by the corporate greed ofr a few that hide behind the Ivory Towers and sen fools to do their bidding. The NEW WORLD ORDER is here folks, and they own us all, Red and Yellow, Black, Brown or White, None are Precious in THEIR SIGHT!

    SING as you Protest, SING as you deify new and unjust laws made up to control and not to protect, SING as you RALLY, if need be… SING AS YOU GO INTO BATTLE for a TOTALLY FREE WORLD.


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