Trump’s Reckless Orders Could Cause ‘Massive Backups’ – Virtually Shutting Down Major Canada/U.S.. Border Crossing in Niagara

A Brief Update by Doug Draper

Posted February 7th, 2017 on Niagara At Large

trump-bridgeNiagara, Ontario – We posted a news commentary on Niagara At Large this February 3rd,  focusing on concerns raised, even by Western New York area Congressman Chris Collins (a strong supporter of Trump through his race for the U.S. presidency), about an executive order Trump recently signed that could make border security so restrictive that crossing the Peace Bridge and other border bridges in the greater Niagara area could become a nightmare.

I will provide a link to that news commentary below and, along with that, I also hope to turn your attention to a story – published this past January 28th – in The Buffalo News on this matter because, dear folks, whether you personally cross the border to shop or visit friends and relatives or not, anything Trump does that seriously jams up traffic at the border could do countless hundreds of millions of dollars of damage to job and the economy of our regions in both countries.

The Buffalo News story, headlined; ‘Trump order would ‘shut down’ border, Peace Bridge GM (general manager) say’, begins this way –

WASHINGTON – President Donald J. Trump’s plan to use biometric checks – such as fingerprints or iris scans – for everyone entering or leaving the United States would cause massive backups at the Canadian border, according to the general manager of the Peace Bridge Authority.

“This would just devastate Western New York,” said Ron Rienas, general manager of the Peace Bridge Authority, after reviewing the provision requiring biometric scans. “It would shut down the border. It just makes no sense.”

In an executive order issued Friday, Trump calls for the biometric checks. It was included in tough new restrictions on immigration and refugee admissions. …”

You can read the rest of The Buffalo News story by clicking on a link below.

In the meantime, make no mistake. Trump’s order would have a devastating impact on jobs and businesses on the Niagara, Ontario side of the border too.

I urge each and every one of you to search online for the contact information for your Federal and Provincial Members of Parliament on the Ontario side of the border, and your Congressman or Congresswoman, and your Senators on the New York side of the border, and the heads of the municipality you live in, and call on them to do what they can to turn Trump around on taking any steps to make our border crossings dysfunctional.

To read the entire Buffalo News story on this serious matter, click on – .

To read Niagara At Large’s recent news commentary on this issue, click on – .

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2 responses to “Trump’s Reckless Orders Could Cause ‘Massive Backups’ – Virtually Shutting Down Major Canada/U.S.. Border Crossing in Niagara

  1. I hope and pray that Trudeau does NOT EVER invite TRUMP to Canada


  2. I suggest that if he has any reason come here we perform biometrics on him. A colonoscopy might be a good place to start since that orifice seems to be the origin of his ideology.


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