The Curse of Clara – A Special, Animated Holiday Season Tale – Is Back!

News from ‘Curse of Clara’ producer and Niagara, Ontario filmmaker Vickie Fagan

Posted December 15th, 2016 on Niagara At Large

The Curse of Clara, Canada’s latest holiday perennial is back, airing on CBC on Sunday December 18th at 4:30p.m!

(If you catch this post on time, there will also be a special screening of The Curse of Clara at the Niagara Falls Museum in Niagara Falls, Ontario this Thursday, December 15th starting at 7 p.m. A link for the museum that includes directions for finding it, etc. is available at the bottom of this post.)


In this delightfully heartwarming holiday tale, Vickie, a small-town girl, is accepted into the prestigious National Ballet School in Toronto, and lands the coveted role of Clara in the Company’s annual production of The Nutcracker.

Things look like they couldn’t get any better. And they can’t, because that’s when Vickie finds out about the mysterious “Curse of Clara”. Thankfully, she has a good friend, the 1972 Summit Series, and imaginary mentor Phil Esposito to keep her “on pointe”. 

The animated holiday special stars Saara Chaudry, Sara Botsford, Sheila McCarthy, Karen Kain, Bob Cole, and Phil Esposito.clara

Produced by Smiley Guy Studios, Jonas Diamond, Jeremy Diamond, Veronica Tennant and Vickie Fagan. Written by Vickie Fagan and Jeremy Diamond. Directed by Mike Valiquette and Mathias Horhager

The Curse of Clara combines the worlds of hockey and ballet set against the backdrop of the  signature holiday classic, “The Nutcracker”.

I hope you can watch it and if you can’t see it on December 18th, you can catch it online here

Or on our website

Have a wonderful holiday season! Vickie

For directions to the Niagara Falls Museum and more information about its events and exhibits, click on – .

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