We’re Still Looking For A Beloved Cat Called Snowshoe!

Please Help If You Have Any Idea Where He May Be

Contact information for Snowshoe’s family is posted below.

Posted by Doug Draper, publisher, Niagara At Large

October 30th, 2016 on Niagara At Large

Here is a brief call-out from the volunteer group Niagara Action For Animals about the ongoing search for a beloved family cat named Showshoe.

Help us return Snowshoe home.

Help us return Snowshoe home.

– Snowshoe is still missing despite her guardians, Joe & Sheila, doing everything they can to find her.

If you can share this with your friends and especially anyone living in the South end of St. Catharines – ask them to check their basements, garages, out-buildings!  Sheila and Joe want to know what has happened to her even if it is not good news. Details from previous email below.

A reward has been posted for “Snowshoe”, a small Siamese, missing since Sept 10 from 93 Riverview Blvd. (Glenridge and Glendale, St Catharines). As you can see from the attached photo, she has distinctive (4) white paws.  She is microchipped. Please keep your eye our for her. She has distinctive white paws.  Please feel free to share this post.

Call day or nite 905-688-0924 Text or call day or nite 289-213-4839 Sheila and Joesnowshoe-poster

Niagara Action for Animals is a non-profit, all volunteer charity devoted to ending all forms of animal cruelty through education, direct action and legitimate protest. 

Read an earlier Niagara At Large posting on the search for Snowshoe by clicking onhttps://niagaraatlarge.com/2016/10/12/please-help-us-find-snowshoe-a-beloved-cat-of-one-of-our-loyal-niagara-at-large-readers/ .

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One response to “We’re Still Looking For A Beloved Cat Called Snowshoe!

  1. Sheila Krekorian

    Thank you Doug for remembering my little lost girl Snowshoe. We have no evidence she is dead, My neighbours would tell me. There have been no prepators in the area and she tended to stay close to houses. She could have been relocated. She is chipped so someone who may have her might very well be interested in the reward posted on Kijiji for her safer return. I will pay for legit information. She is on all lost face3book pages and on my own nites. She appeared beside Trudeau ijn a front page add. She is on Brocks Instagram (twice) and on their faceboo back. She is also on Niagara College FB page. Shes advertised on NHS wedsite. She is on tons of street poles in th south end. zWe check theLCHS daily, Any tips are helpful. Please keep her in mind wheny you are at a new home. All vets, SPCAs and pet food places have been provided infrom from US boarder to Stoney Creak.
    Please help me put my back family together. In the past 4 years she has been my constant companion while I was ill. She deserves to me in my loving arms. Shes as is beautiful on the outside as she is on the insidne. I need her. She needs me.


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