Please Help Us Find ‘Snowshoe’ – A Beloved Cat Of One Of Our Loyal Niagara At Large Readers

A Call-Out from Doug Draper, publisher, Niagara At Large

Posted October 11th, 2016

Niagara, Ontario – As many of you long-time visitors to this news and commentary site know, Niagara At Large has always been a very animal friendly zone.

We have our own beloved team of animal friends here – our great felines Dylan and Dexter, and our small but mighty NAL mascot who we have introduced to visitors to our site a number of times before – our beloved chiwawa companion Pinky.

Help us get Snowshoe the cat safely back home

Help us get Snowshoe the cat safely back home

Well now we’ve heard from Sheila Krekorian, one of our many friends of Niagara At Large, whose family is feeling very blue because one of their beloved family members – a beautiful Siamese cat named ‘Snowshoe’ has goine missing somewhere from their home on 93 Riverview Blvd in the St. Catharines-Glenridge/Glendale area.

If you’ve ever had a much-loved pet go missing, you know how bad that feels, so we at NAL have never hesitated to post some information that might help find a pet friend when we are asked.

So here is a brief note from Sheila, providing some information about Snowshoe, and some contact information for her and members of her family if you spot the cat.

Following that is a poster to compiment the photo of Snowshoe already posted above.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide in seeing that Snowshoe returns safely home. And if and when that happens, we will let our readers know.

  • Missing from 93 Riverview Blvd(St. Catharines-Glenridge/Glendale area)
  • Since Sunday, September 11.
  • Call day or night 905-688-0924
  • Call or text day or night 289-213-4839
  • “Snowshoe” is a small Siamese with white paws.
  • Sheila Krekorian and Joe Skura

R E W A R Dimage1

Our mascot Pinky says let's find Snowshoe

Our mascot Pinky says let’s find Snowshoe

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One response to “Please Help Us Find ‘Snowshoe’ – A Beloved Cat Of One Of Our Loyal Niagara At Large Readers

  1. Sheila Krekorian

    Thank you Pinky!


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