Ontario Government Failing To Address Mental Health Crisis On University & College Campuses

Wynne Government’s Approach To Project-Based Mental Health Funding On Campuses Is Failing Ontario Students –  NDP MPP Peggy Sattler

A Message from Ontario’s New Democratic Party

Posted September 29th, 2016 on Niagara At Large

Queen’s Park, Toronto – An alarming report released by the Ontario University and College Health Association confirms that there is a mental health crisis in Ontario postsecondary institutions, with 2016 survey results showing that student mental health has worsened since 2013.  Addressing the report, the President of the Association said, “lives are at stake.”imagesijice7ex

In Question Period today, London West MPP and NDP postsecondary education critic Peggy Sattler pointed out that “in my own community of London, the new 24-hour mental health crisis centre has been overwhelmed by college and university students since it opened its doors in January this year.” 

Satter called for a coordinated provincial strategy for student mental health, rather than project funding, and urged the Liberal government to “commit to moving forward immediately with a province-wide strategy for mental health services on Ontario campuses.”

She cited 2016 survey results that had increased significantly since the survey was last conducted in 2013, with 65 per cent of Ontario students reporting overwhelming anxiety in the previous year, 46 per cent  feeling so depressed in the previous year that it was difficult to function, 13 per cent having seriously considered suicide in the previous year, and 9 per cent attempting suicide.  

“I have been asking this government …. students have been asking this government … to make mental health services on campus a priority now,” Sattler said.  

“Again to the Acting Premier, will he commit today to ensuring that young people struggling with mental health crises don’t have to wait for access to the supports and resources they so urgently need?”

You can hear or watch the Wynne government’s answers to the above concerns and questions by clicking on the following links –

Audio:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/a1y5rubw57dkuc8/Q6_Sattler_09-26-16_1.mp3?dl=0

Video:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/1xvzq9pdhaqh0jl/Q6_Sattler_09-26-16_1.mp4?dl=0

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One response to “Ontario Government Failing To Address Mental Health Crisis On University & College Campuses

  1. Ontario’s government is clearly missing the boat on mental health. Perhaps, and I only say perhaps, because there may be a lack of awareness: itself a sign of declining mental health. Not only are our hospitals not up to the challenge of dealing with the large numbers of MHA issues, but the government is in the throws of trying to control and limit even faith-based counselling which serves hundreds, if not thousands, of persons facing mental health issues.

    There is a major shortfall in support services for those families dealing with issues of mental health. Community resources presently serve to support little more than a revolving-door approach to mental health care for those under the stress of depression and other mental health problems. If we can fund corporate welfare, surely we can do a better job of helping those who suffer from mental health problems, or is the suicide rate in Niagara not yet high enough to warrant a better policy?


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