Good Riddance To Prime Minister Tar Sands

A Brief Commentary by Doug Draper

Posted August 26th, 2016 on Niagara At Large

As you may already have heard, Calgary, Alberta area MP and defeated neo-con prime minister Stephen Harper has taken his final bow this August 26th – exiting his seat in Canada’s parliament completely to move on to his next abomination in the private sector.harper that's all folks

Harper’s long-awaited departure from Canadians’ collective lives may grant us some brief pause for celebration during these last lazy, hazy days before the Labour Day weekend and getting back to work.

And what a monumental amount of work current federal, provincial and municipal governments, not to mention we, the Canadian people, have ahead of us cleaning up the malodorous mountain of dung, domestically and globally, that constitutes Harper’s legacy as one of the worst leaders this country has ever had.

In a book of essays by prominent Canadians, published a year ago this summer and  titled ‘Canada After Harper’, the book’s editor and veteran journalist Ed Finn concludes that following a decade of Harper’s dictatorship; “the need for sweeping progressive reform is more urgent now than ever before.”

“Uncurbed global warming, pollution, and resource depletion threaten Canada (and) to continue, lemming-like, following the profit-obsessed path set by our business and political leaders will take us to the abyss. We are not just in a struggle for social, economic and environmental betterment, but for the very survival of future generations.”harper book

“Canada’s fate is in the balance,” concludes Finn, “teetering between a future of worsening decline and a future of restored advancement, security, equity and climatic health. …. To succeed in reaching a future of renewed well-being, we need to get back on the path of progress from which we have been ruthlessly and recklessly misdirected. And as soon as possible.”

To no surprise, news of Harper’s departure was accompanied by a glowing statement about her former boss from interim federal Tory leader Rona Ambrose who, as one of his former environment ministers, demonstrated uncompromising zeal in gutting the federal environment department and what were leading edge environmental protection laws and programs.

Today (August 26th, 2016), the Conservative Party of Canada joins all Canadians in expressing our utmost respect and warm wishes to Prime Minister Stephen Harper as he steps back from his role as the Member of Parliament for Calgary Heritage, and the Canadian political stage,” began Ambrose in her statement which I do not have the stomach lining to post any more of.

If you have it in you to read any more of this, you can click on Ambrose’s site at — .

As for my parting words, I’ll do my best here to keep them clean and short – – Good riddance Prime Minister Tar Sands. It is good to finally see the back of you.Harper_2

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 “A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders


5 responses to “Good Riddance To Prime Minister Tar Sands

  1. 10 months getting paid as an MP while he sets up.his private enterprise. At least he said thank you.


  2. This EX SLIME MINISTER has packed every Board Room and every CEO position in too manyCanadian government corporation like the CBC, the Post Office, the Coast Guard,The National Energy Board, The RCMP (G20) and a host of others. He and his partisan pals (current Ontario Tory leader Patrick Brown was one) deregulated and got rid of all controls that forced corporations to play by the rules.
    Decades to undo the damage some say?? I honestly think it will take at least a century and that is only if we have a Social Democratic Government like Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and some of the European nations such as Germany.


  3. Ahhh yes…. you guys like the likes of COMRADE Wynne and Boy Blunder JT….. I forgot…. we’ll see if that budget deficit which has doubled since his election will actually “take care of itself”…. and I hope it is your parents that can’t afford to heat their homes this winter because of COMRADE Wynne’s ludicrous energy policies….. you all seem to forget that much of what harper did, and no I am not a fan of him and have many issues with his time at the helm, but he did much of that with a minority government and did it during a time likened to the GREAT FREAKIN DEPRESSION…… I don’t expect that to matter to you Draper as you are as RED as they come and won’t be happy until we donate ALL of our income to taxes because that is what communists strive for….


  4. Nothing like a kick in the rear as the door slams. I believe that history will show a lot more positives than negatives in the former PM’s biography, and that he conducted Canada’s affairs with statesmanlike poise and dignity, during some considerably difficult times. I felt much more confident in our country’s future with him at-the-helm than I do the NOT self-made, self-centered, selfie maestro who doubles as our current leader.


  5. First, Mr Charm was as citizen friendly and down to earth as a cobra.

    Although not a prerequisite for holding office, he had zero charisma and no way to connect with the public, something very important for communicating with Canadian citizens and foreign leaders. That is one reason, just or otherwise, so many were happy to see him go. Several times he even refused to meet with the Provincial Premiers. He was secretive and autocratic yet claimed he knew nothing of things like his aide’s pay off to Duffy. Pull the other one. Of course corruption is nothing new to any party but he was an expert.

    His policies were absolutely pro Bay Street. His election propaganda was right out of the US Republican play book, his backers, demeaning his opponents (did Mulcair or Trudeau ever call him “Stevie”? BTW, when Harper was first elected he was almost the same age as Trudeau) and utilizing things like robocalls and electoral restrictions (The Fair Elections Act which severely restricted access to marginal people like aboriginals and students away from their home districts….ones less apt to vote Conservative.)

    His scientific research cuts have left us decades behind others in a time when technology is vital. Ecologically, he gutted every good measure previously implemented for progress in order to please his home base in Alberta and his financial backers. He even ordered destroyed oceanic research papers in Nova Scotia (workers found them in a dumpster).

    Sure, due to the filthy tar sands, the economy was temporarily stable but at what cost to your children and grandchildren and what happens now when the tar sands are a pariah? He spied on and audited environmental agencies and declared them enemies of the state and terrorists. Wanting to protect our environment sure sounds like terrorism to me. Even with the oil sands boon, for a proclaimed economist, he had 8 years and ran a verifiable DEFICIT for at least six, possibly more. Water is the oil of the future and he didn’t care that trillions of gallons are spoiled to remove filthy bitumen. (Last week I saw a documentary on the BBC about Canada’s environmental status in the eyes of the world and it is ABYSMAL, we are a joke!)

    He refused to meet with Provincial Premiers. He prorogued Parliament and shut down the government for 181 days because he was in danger of losing his government to opposition parties.

    He instituted sweeping Omnibus bills that abrogated freedoms and wiped out beneficial laws and regulations. I am only glad that he was not PM during the Iraq War or he would have wagged his puppy tail and followed his American masters.

    That’s just a few of his wonderful “accomplishments”. What a guy! Of course now his buds will give him a nice cushy job to go along with his ridiculous pension.


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