Chinese-Themed Pelham Mayor’s Gala Raises $27K For Community Services

News from Town of Pelham Mayor Dave Augustyn

Posted May 30th, 2016 on Niagara At Large

Niagara, Ontario – I wanted to let everyone know that the sold-out, Chinese-themed Pelham Mayor’s Gala raised more than $27,700 on Saturday at Lookout Point.

Photo courtesy of Town of Pelham

Photo courtesy of Town of Pelham

Because of the generosity of the sponsors and our valued guests, we have raised more than $225,000 over the last eight years to support local charities and services, and establish the Pelham Community Fund with the Niagara Community Foundation.

This year’s Gala will support work of six different community initiatives:

  • Niagara Children’s Centre: $5000 to provide rehabilitation services to Pelham children with physical, developmental or communication delay or disabilities.
  • Pelham Cares: $5000 for a special program – called Konnecting Kids – to help cover the costs of recreational, educational and cultural programs and activities for Pelham children whose family couldn’t afford it.
  • Niagara Regional Science Fair: $2000 for a Pelham student to participate in the National Science Fair over any of the next three years.
  • Project Lifesaver: $1500 for purchase of unique, radio frequency bracelets for individuals who might be prone to wander or get lost – like a child with Autism or an adult with Alzheimer Disease.
  • Syrian Refugees: $4000 for the two Pelham groups working to welcome Syrain Refugees to Pelham/Niagara. $2000 to Syrian Refugee Resettlement Committee (from St. Ann’s Church, Fenwick) and $2000 Pelham Syrian Refugee Constituent Group (from Town’s three United Churches and Bethany Reformed Church).

Photo courtesy of Town of Pelham

Photo courtesy of Town of Pelham

When the Gala Committee considered a new theme – Chinese Cultural experience – we wanted to ensure it was authentic and culturally sensitive. So we worked together with Ms. Ling Wang and members of the Multi-Folk Arts Niagara Song & Dance Ensemble who designed special dances for the evening.

We also contacted the Confucius Institute at Brock University to assist – and Dr. Jenifer Lee, director, brought greetings.

gala three

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