Ontario NDP Presses Province’s Wynne Government For Employment Protection For Ontario Interns

A Call-Out for Justice for Ontario’s working interns from the province’s New Democratic Party

Posted May 2nd, 2916 on Niagara At Large

(Just a brief Foreword to this Post from NAL publisher Doug Draper –

Every fair-minded person in Ontario – that means all of us – needs to speak out against the continued approval by Premier Kathleen Wynne and her Liberal government of colleges and universities in Ontario forcing students to perform slave labour – they call it “unpaid internships” – in order to receive their diploma.

This shameless exploitation of our young people – of people who are already having a hard enough time finding paying jobs while they are neck-deep in student debt – is a form of theft of their time and of the skills they bring to the work place, and it has got to stop!)unpaid-interns-art-e1393863041710

Queen’s Park, Toronto – Today during Question Period, Peggy Sattler, Ontario NDP critic for Training, Colleges and Universities, called on the Wynne government to protect all Ontario interns from workplace exploitation, after the Ministry of Labour uncovered widespread violations of the Employment Standards Act during a fall 2015 workplace blitz.

“The results of the blitz are deeply troubling,” Sattler said. 

Of the 36 firms  with interns that were subject to the Employment Standards Act, fully half were not meeting their obligations under the ESA.  As a result of the ministry’s investigation, which focused on a relatively small number of GTA workplaces, the Ontario government recovered nearly $140,000 in wages owed by 18 firms to interns. 

“It seems that the minister’s efforts to educate employers are not working,” Sattler said. “While the blitz stopped the exploitation of unpaid interns at 18 firms, what is the minister doing to prevent the thousands of other young people who are working without pay at hundreds more firms across this province?”

Listen to an Audio on this issue by clicking on:  https://db.tt/Gb7wxyEb

Click on the Video here:  https://db.tt/ArLqoURW

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2 responses to “Ontario NDP Presses Province’s Wynne Government For Employment Protection For Ontario Interns

  1. I find that disgusting that our students are in so much debt, yet the refugee’s Trudeau brought in these refugee’s and they don’t have to pay the tax payers money back! THANKS TO TRUDEAU! If the refugee’s don’t have to pay any money back, then our students shouldn’t have to pay back either! What in the hell is wrong with this Liberal government! They are suppose to be here to help us, not rip us off.


  2. Is free labour the Wynne method of saying “Thank you for yur donation to the Liberal Party”?


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