Why We Fight – A Message from the Green Party of Canada

Posted April 22nd, 2016 on Niagara At Large

From the Green Party of Canada’s digital director Jeff Braunstein

Dear Friend,

This Friday, April 22nd, 2016 is Earth Day, and if you’ve been reading the headlines this week, you got another crude reminder of why we have to keep fighting.

Canadian Green Party leader Elizabeth May

Canadian Green Party leader Elizabeth May

TransCanada’s Keystone pipeline sprang another leak, fracking in Alberta and British Columbia was confirmed to be causing earthquakes, and a report was released showing that the Energy East pipeline will put the drinking water of over 5 million Canadians at risk.

This Earth Day, make a difference by adding your name to demand climate action.

This April 22nd, Elizabeth May is/was at the United Nations as national leaders from around the world sign the Paris Agreement. In order to have any chance of avoiding a 1.5°C global average temperature increase, as pledged by 195 nations in Paris, far more aggressive reductions in carbon pollution are needed.

We have to keep the pressure on Prime Minister Trudeau and his team — add your name to ensure he follows-up promising talk with concrete action. Canada was key in setting a positive agenda at COP 21, but our new government has still failed to replace the weak climate targets put in place by the Harper Conservatives.

If we want to live up to the commitments we made in Paris, that’s just not good enough. Let Elizabeth know you’ve got her back as she continues to fight for a better, greener future — add your name to demand Prime Minister Trudeau act quickly and aggressively to tackle climate change.

Here’s the link: green.ca/earth-day Thanks for your continued support, Jeff Jeff Braunstein Digital Director Green Party of Canada

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One response to “Why We Fight – A Message from the Green Party of Canada

  1. I have just been “IN” a very serious earthquake in Ecuador and I agree most if not all social minded citizen know and have known about the disastrous effects Fracking invokes on the underground stability of SHALE deposits so this statement is just old news along with the possible disastrous effects of a #9 Pipe line (StructuraLLY THE SAME AS THAT ONE THAT SPILLED SO MUCH SLUDGE INTO THE KALAMAZOO RIVER) east rupture as this pipeline is similar to the one that ruptured in Michigan causing the Greatest on land oil spill in American History. Yet the NEW God of Corporation Greed, “MONEY” decrees to hell with the earth and roll the dice on life on this planet..,.Yes all this approved by their bought and paid for lackeys who we Elect and their Pawns who just do as they are told by their MP Masters.


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