Veteran Liberal MPP Jim Bradley Officially Opens St. Catharines Riding Campaign Headquarters

Ontario Liberal MPP for the St. Catharines Riding, Jim Bradley

Ontario Liberal MPP for the St. Catharines Riding, Jim Bradley

News from the Campaign Office of St. Catharines Liberal MPP Jim Bradley

 This May 9th, Jim Bradley officially opened his re-election campaign headquarters in St. Catharines’ Grantham Plaza.

 With over 80 supporters and volunteers, Bradley spoke of his unwavering commitment to our community and his proven record advocating on behalf of St. Catharines at every opportunity.

 “Elections are an important part of the democratic process and I am honoured to have the opportunity to build upon the results we have achieved together and our shared goals for the future. I will continue to provide the people of St. Catharines with an experienced, dedicated and committed choice to represent our community.”

 Jim continues to make a significant difference for St. Catharines:

  • Over $1 billion in provincial investment for local projects in St. Catharines.
  • New, state-of-the-art $759 million St. Catharines Hospital.
  • Downtown Performing Arts Centre and Brock School of Fine and Performing Arts.
  • Expanding full-day kindergarten to all St. Catharines Schools.
  • Committed to enhancing retirement for working families.

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4 responses to “Veteran Liberal MPP Jim Bradley Officially Opens St. Catharines Riding Campaign Headquarters

  1. Like every other Liberal who has fed at the trough too long and feels entitled to abuse taxpayers money, Bradley is just one more of them that needs to be shown the door…..and I hope it hits him on his way out.
    His silence while health care for the southern Tier was being demolished is shameful. He is no friend to the Go either He has had many years to be a proponent and again its silence. Goodbye Bradley!


  2. He was even the Minister of Transportation for years … remember? He did squat for Niagara in that portfolio.


  3. Cathy Lacroix

    Great minister of the environment! We need more people like Jim Bradley who do their best under difficult circumstances.


  4. Good to see a solid representative is willing to throw his hat in the ring one more time. St. Catharines is lucky to have such a senior member of the Legislature representing its interests.
    BTW, over Bradley’s years as an opposition and government minister, he has put together quite a list of accomplishments. As Environment minister he brought in province wide introduction of the Blue Box recycling program; took on tough polluters to help reduce acid rain; he brought GO Transit to Niagara (bus and train) as Transport Minister; expanded QEW and highway 406 (largest capital transportation expenditure in Ontario’s history; spearheaded the relocation of the Ontario Ministry of Transportation to downtown St. Catharines (bringing hundreds of jobs from Toronto to SC/Niagara to help offset losses in the volatile auto industry; and has helped bring more than $1 Billion in provincial money to St. Catharines in the past 5 years to help build a new ‘Niagara’ hospital in St Cath; downtown performing arts centre; new aquatic centre and more. Thanks Jim. Hope you win and make it an even 40 years as St. Catharines MPP.


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